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Is an attic part of only the 2nd story condos? The 1st story only has concrete above them (the floor of the upstairs). The attic is for the roof above it for the entire buildings construction. We have a basement that is divided up in cages for each units storage.
My condo board says upstairs condo owners are responsible for the insulation in the attic that is spread over the entire property under the property's roof. 1st story no attic to be responsible for.
This is a two story property with individual condos downstairs and upstairs....188 in total.
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Barbara....condo owner Reynoldsburg.
That sounds about right. Idiocy, Corruption and Thievery is rampant in Condo and Home Associations. By their very existence everything's supposed to be known, voted-upon and shared amongst all equally. You'll need a copy of the By-Laws and especially need to ask them what your Association Fees, as well as: - - Who decided or even requested the insulation or its replacement, which must be on record. - Where are the Bids, Certificates of Insurance and Licenses from the bidding Contractors. - Where's the formal Inspection Report of why it's needed, which must go on record. - Where's the Assessment Report of alternatives, life-span or benefit, which must go on record. - Is my cost guaranteed to be paid back in lower utility bills.
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