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Home Improvement

Hosed the bathroom by mistake!

posted on 08-19-2019

In the final stages of completing the bathroom refurbishment. So connect the tap and the waste drain, connected the two flexi hoses to the tap and then just the hot to the incoming pipe, thought ... read more »

Window World is replacing the double-hungs in my Screen Room! :-)

posted on 08-19-2019

And YES I have pics, but no place to store them online since I deleted my FaceFUCK acct! John Kuthe, Climate Anarchist and Suburban Renewalist read more »

Hot mopping

posted on 08-04-2019

I recently got my upstairs shower hot mopped about a week ago. Redoing our master bathroom. Because the master bathroom is in my room I can’t seem to get the hot mop smell out of my room. I’m g... read more »

Is turning off water to outside faucet at 20 degrees okay?

posted on 11-19-2018

I have an out door faucet which is fed from a pipe in my basement. The basement temperature is never less than 70 degrees. The pipe to the outside goes through a concrete block wall to the outside ... read more »

Home Building

Ingenious wood cutting

posted on 08-16-2019

Some of these will make your brane hert. Optical dillusions. https://imgur.com/gallery/JpsmaYr read more »

Filling a pole with cement

posted on 07-21-2019

Well I listen to you alls coments on if filling a pipe with cement will make it stronger and I'm gunna try it. I put up a tetherball pole and when I hit the ball it wiggles and vibrates at the top of... read more »

What size beam needed to replace a14' support wall?

posted on 07-03-2019

I have removed support walls before, but this one has a different sort of roof structure. The roof spans the house about 40'. The support wall is dead in the middle and in line with the roof ridge ... read more »

Craftsman P/Molder gears

posted on 04-26-2019

Looking for two gears for Model # 351233831. 30t and 31t read more »

Home Climate


posted on 07-11-2019

A/C popped blew a breaker and reset breaker A/C turns on but no cooling....shoot it? read more »

Other Home Topics

Red Spots (lol not really)

posted on 07-28-2019

(Use bleach and any detergent to clean). lmao ive read all of these answers and it made me giggle even though it shouldn't have. the reason most of these spots have popped up in the bathroom walls..... read more »

Lawn and Garden

table top water fountain

posted on 08-17-2019

I decided to make a table top fountain. But i searched in youtube. but i am not satisfied. can any one suggest me any good fountain making video. Thanks read more »

purple dove beans

posted on 08-10-2019

we finally had enough to pick yesterday to cook up and try out. first of all these are a bush bean, upright habit, beans are fairly far off the ground (higher than most other bush beans i gro... read more »

Pure Diesel Fuel used as Weed Killer by Landscaping Company

posted on 07-31-2019

Flowerbeds recently sprayed with pure diesel fuel for weeds. Smell permeated my home and made me extremely ill within hours, for about 24 hours. Should it have been diluted to a degree, or is it ... read more »

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