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Home Improvement

UPS battery options

author: Andy posted 01-17-2018

Found this. What do you think ? I am wondering how the internal charger would react to seeing a 110 CCA battery as opposed to the internal 9 Ah battery? < My UPS uses an external battery. It's no... read more »

Hanging hose reel on stucco

author: Trish posted 11-04-2017

I have been trying to hang a hose reel on my 2yr old house that has stucco walls. I used a stud finder and marked it accordingly but it only drills through a small amount. Is it the drill. It I am ... read more »

Hot water line to bath tub

author: Jscott posted 12-05-2017

Have very low hot water pressure and also have hard water cut wall open and found this what are your thoughts https://www.homeownershub.com/img/cn read more »

EDF heavy handed on smart meters?

author: Adrian Caspersz posted 01-17-2018

Got an elderly friend who categorically does not wish to have a smart meter fitted. EDF have apparently sent letters and are getting rather stroppy. Can't be enforced, can it? Anyone else in a s... read more »

Home Building

Wall stud planing/sanding

author: Kbacon44 posted 12-30-2017

I am working on replacing a uni-body fiberglass shower stall that was installed in when my house was built, with a 3 piece stackable stall. The problem I am running into is the bottom piece is a litt... read more »

Inside Allerton: The Essential Guide to Robert Allerton Park

author: G.S. Brenac posted 07-16-2017

Step inside the world of Robert Allerton Park in central Illinois and discover the rich history and surprising stories of the stately home, formal gardens, and woodland trails that make up this n... read more »

steam bending

author: Electric Comet posted 01-16-2018

at a medium scale furniture maker that did a lot of bending the old guys did all the work by skill alone in other words they had no formulas they just knew the right amount of moisture needed befo... read more »

Garden shredder problem

author: OldChemist posted 09-04-2017

My AL-KO shredder is 30 years old. It has recently developed a fault, viz. It runs for 10 seconds, then stops. Any answers please? read more »

Home Climate

Inducer motor needs to be replaced?

author: Vince La Barbera posted 01-16-2018

Elderly mother had her furnace inspected by company that originally installed furnace 16 years ago. Serviceman/technician stated to her that the inducer motor is working but you might want to replace... read more »

Other Home Topics

New Harry making loud squeaky noise

author: CBowles posted 12-23-2017

The new Numatic Harry it’s Hairobrush is randomly making loud squeaking noise. I cleared the inside but the noise still happens. Any experience please? Thanks. https://www.homeownershub.com/img/cp read more »

Lawn and Garden

Feeding plants flies for protein using soapy water

author: Dan Jenkins posted 12-31-2017

How does a single soap drop of flak incapacitate a housefly? Do you think the dish soap is bad or good for the plants? What is it about soapy water that knocks house flies right out of the air? ... read more »

Uses for cottage cheese

author: Julie Bove posted 11-26-2017

I have cottage cheese to use up by the 27th. Should have checked the date when I bought it I guess. I found a couple of food network recipes that use it. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula... read more »

bug cycles

author: songbird posted 01-14-2018

this winter it is box elder bugs. when the weather fluctuates they are around the house (inside). last fall there were a large number around the outside of the house so i figured there would b... read more »

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