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Home Improvement

(Totally OT) Song title/artist?

posted on 11-18-2018

Earworm. An instrumental, as far as I remember, but with 'da da da' voices. Possibly/probably 1960s. Da da da da (lower key) da da dum dum, Da da da da Dum dum dum dum Or something like that... read more »

US 'preparing indictment against Julian Assange' of WikiLeaks

posted on 11-17-2018

The US Justice Department is preparing charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, reports in the US say. The US also wants Mr Assange in connection with Wikileaks publishing hundreds of tho... read more »

Lintel loading and size

posted on 09-23-2018

I need to calculate the loads on a lintel for a 2 m opening in a 10 ( brick cavity 100mm block ) ground floor gable wall through to a sunroom at the side. The opening will start about 1.2 m from th... read more »

Opportunity for licensed Plumbers

posted on 10-30-2018

(North of Boston) Job Duration: 2 months Pay Rate: $81.00/hr Per Diem: $70.00/days worked, client is providing housing on a cruise ship in addition to the per diem Hours: 60 hrs/week Scope: Commer... read more »

Home Building

Porch railing

posted on 11-13-2018

Our house is about 10 years old. Four years ago we had the porch painted, and within a year the paint started coming of in square inch pieces. It appeared that treated lumber had been used and ... read more »

Fine Homebuilding magazines available

posted on 07-19-2018

Fine Homebuilding magazines available FREE if you pick them up in Fairfax Virginia or $25 shipping costs if I ship them. Issues 1 thru 145 – missing 4, 75, 82, 86, 93, 112, 124, 138, 139, 142 Al... read more »

leadership study program on urban innovations

posted on 05-04-2018

This year’s Leaders Study Program on Urban Innovations is in Vancou ver and scheduled between August 27-30th August .The city’s extraordin ary success meant that the city’s name itself has... read more »

Can I Run 40:1 Oil In 50:1 Equipment?

posted on 07-02-2018

Hello, I was wondering if I could run 40:1 gas ratio in a 50:1 gas ratio, my old string trimmer died and that took 40:1. I have 2 gallons of 40:1 gas. I am getting a new string trimmer and blower tha... read more »

Home Climate

4 year old Baxi condensing boiler

posted on 11-12-2018

Prior posters seem to confuse combustion air with convection air heated by the pumping of hot water throughout the house - just sayin'..... Now, MY EXPERIENCE: I have a 4-year old Baxi Duo Combi c... read more »

Other Home Topics

The Story of Lightning Cleaning Products & Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner

posted on 10-26-2018

Lightning Orange Pumice is so versatile it can also be used as a great hard surface cleaner in toilets, laundries, hand basins and taps to remove hard to eliminate staining marks and water level ... read more »

Lawn and Garden

Burford Holly

posted on 11-13-2018

I am looking for dwarf Burford holly (Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii Nana') in the greater Los Angeles area. Two very good nurseries that I contacted no longer carry it. Does anyone know where I can get... read more »

bean sorting

posted on 11-17-2018

my favorite time of the year. :) this is a new bean i'm calling Lemon Slice... http://www.anthive.com/img/beans/thm/pb170012_Lemon_Slice_thm.jpg songbird read more »

Lumpy Grass

posted on 08-11-2018

Greetings! Two years ago I laid down Celebration Bermuda in my lawn. It is healthy and green for the most part but it grows very unevenly. It looks very lumpy . I mow twice a week to keep the faster ... read more »

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