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Home Improvement

OT..........UK air traffic controllers warn of over-crowded skies

author: Bod posted 07-21-2017

It's getting a bit busy up there ;-) Air traffic controllers are warning that UK skies are running out of room for record numbers of planes. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40669144 read more »

Advice on materials for bathroom

author: cgfbmh posted 07-15-2017

I want a new bathroom suite, not too expensive, just one that is functional and value for money, and so last for some years without the taps falling o ff and shower going hot and cold! Each showr... read more »

bubbling toilet during clothes washing

author: Donn posted 06-09-2017

My house is about 45 yrs old. Over the years I had bubbles come up thru the toilet-no soap. Seemed to stop after replacing toilet w/ pressure flush type.a few years ago. About 7 weeks ago, toilet ove... read more »

Internet car sales

author: Bill posted 07-21-2017

I may be being paranoid, but............ In looking to find an affordable auto 4x4 that will tow 3.5 tons and has low range with no difflock, I seem to keep coming across suspicious adverts (eba... read more »

Home Building

Fresh air system HRV & ERV

author: Victina Ke posted 06-28-2017

Hi there, This is Victina who dealing with the HRV & ERV. Many houses choose the ventilation system now. Have you use one? Kindly like to listen your opinions about this. Victina read more »

Inside Allerton: The Essential Guide to Robert Allerton Park

author: G.S. Brenac posted 07-16-2017

Step inside the world of Robert Allerton Park in central Illinois and discover the rich history and surprising stories of the stately home, formal gardens, and woodland trails that make up this n... read more »

Ping Nailshooter

author: Leon posted 07-18-2017

Well it looks like you can afford to use Festool on the job site, if you relocate to Europe. :~) Check the third paragraph. http://www.toolsofthetrade.net/power-tools/a-trip-to-germany-and-new-... read more »

Hole saw

author: Leodbd posted 06-26-2017

Which he saw is best for cutting into a 600mm cast iron sewer I need 5 inch cutter Thanks read more »

Home Climate

AC Condenser Unit Relocation

author: anonymous posted 07-05-2017

One of my neighbors, as part of a backyard renovation/landscaping project, will be moving their condenser unit from a northern exposure, to eastern exposure. It is a 5 ton unit, and probably 2-3 ye... read more »

Other Home Topics

Cleaning pillow that had sweat stains on it white again

author: Stained posted 02-26-2017

I have a pillow that is now starting to turn tan with my sons sweat from sleeping.always been line that from the beginning.I have all these stain removers.I just want to wash it once and and be whit... read more »

Lawn and Garden

Popup Banner stands|50 percentprint |Popup System in malaysia

author: kvarma2000 posted 07-18-2017

As well as being an attractive display solution, these pop ups are extremel y easy to transport and assemble without the need of any tools or any extra staff. This popups system is a really easy t... read more »

best time to re lay lawn

author: stan81 posted 07-19-2017

im looking to re turf the garden myself this year, when would be the best time to do so? -- stan81 read more »

garlic time

author: songbird posted 07-19-2017

at last it has gotten to the ready stage for lifting it. forecast was a slight chance for rain today but it looks like all went north of us. i have a few other flower bulbs that are read... read more »

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