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Home Improvement

So if you can't get a routine eye exam....

posted on 05-25-2020

Test your vision yourself by driving to a nearby tourist location. That's advice from the government, that is. read more »

Modern locks are a pest

posted on 05-25-2020

What happened to the good old mortice lock where you didn't have to do a dance with the doorhandle to get the key to turn? read more »

swimming pool film on water surface

posted on 05-15-2020

I Took on a house with an inground pool last year. Lately there’s a a kind of film on the surface which I’ve been unable to clear after vacuuming the pool, backwashing/rinsing and evening ... read more »

Sink runs when toilet is flushed

posted on 12-31-2019

Bathroom sink runs when toilet is flushed. Stops when toilet is filled. read more »

Home Building

Metalwork - Rusty Weather Vane - Remove, Then Prevent Rust

posted on 05-25-2020

Asking for a friend... The image below is part of a steel weather vane. As you can see, it's rusty and getting worse. My friend wants to remove the rust then clear coat the piece to prevent the ... read more »

Span of a truss

posted on 05-21-2020

I have a 7/12 patch roof , 2x4 trusses, Queen post style, 24 o.c ... do I need a load bearing wall in the middle of the trusses are 30 ft long read more »

Queen post truss

posted on 05-18-2020

I have a large hip roof with Queen post roof trusses that span 30 ft to the outside walls of a bungalow that is 30 x 40 ft. There is one center wall in the house that I suspect is holding these truss... read more »

Corrosion on hot water heater pipes

posted on 11-11-2019

Is this hot water heater pipe corrosion normal? (1) Needs to be connected by a nipple, only brass available http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=20_image6071.jpg (2) Will the new brass nipple ... read more »

Home Climate

How to choose an HVAC company for an install?

posted on 02-19-2020

We're considering replacing a furnace and a/c system. From all that I've r ead the caliber of the installation crew is of great importance. What I'm struggling with is determining how to choose ... read more »

Other Home Topics

Black dots

posted on 05-12-2020

Maybe carpet beetle larvae.? They eat clothing in your closet and food in your kitchen cupboards multiply very fast and can infest your entire home. read more »

Lawn and Garden

Alfalfa as a landscape plant

posted on 05-21-2020

Just for fun I'm trying to propagate alfalfa as a landscape plant. There seem to be a few feral plants along roadsides that can stay green well into summer with no irrigation. The flowers aren't ... read more »

a few pics

posted on 05-25-2020

i had a moment to start on the pictures last night so these two were the first selections. the strawberry patch in bloom (from yesterday early evening): http://www.anthive.com/img/mixed-flow... read more »

find out more about thumper for moles

posted on 05-05-2020

i would like to hear more about the thumper to scare moles.does it also work on worms? read more »

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