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Home Improvement

Edinburgh flat with workshop

posted on 07-06-2020

https://search.savills.com/property-detail/gbedscedt200082 I am wondering what the nozzles and gauge is for in the workshop, and are those a small drawers or a bank of fuses or clock connectors to t... read more »

Wiring up switch w/pilot light.

posted on 07-06-2020

Wiring up switch w/pilot light... When wiring up a switch that requires another wire back from the load to attach to the switch to power the pilot-light (illuminated when ON). Do I have to use #14 ... read more »

swimming pool film on water surface

posted on 05-15-2020

I Took on a house with an inground pool last year. Lately there’s a a kind of film on the surface which I’ve been unable to clear after vacuuming the pool, backwashing/rinsing and evening ... read more »

Sink runs when toilet is flushed

posted on 12-31-2019

Bathroom sink runs when toilet is flushed. Stops when toilet is filled. read more »

Home Building

Rocker is Finished

posted on 07-06-2020

It rocks well, balanced, comfortable, but the seat was too hard, so I made a cushion for it. I like it, may not give it to my brother, after all. Scroll right for 2 more pics. https://www.flickr.c... read more »

roofing pipe vent boot seals, FYI

posted on 07-02-2020

I never knew these needed to be replaced on a regular schedule. The roofer said every 5 to 10 years. Mine leaked. I am looking at a few weeks worth of work and a lot of money to fix the rotted wo... read more »

Queen post truss

posted on 05-18-2020

I have a large hip roof with Queen post roof trusses that span 30 ft to the outside walls of a bungalow that is 30 x 40 ft. There is one center wall in the house that I suspect is holding these truss... read more »

JCB chainsaw

posted on 05-26-2020

PCS38A I cannot refit the trigger spring. Has anyone got the same model or a photo/diagram showing how it fits. read more »

Other Home Topics

Black dots

posted on 05-12-2020

Maybe carpet beetle larvae.? They eat clothing in your closet and food in your kitchen cupboards multiply very fast and can infest your entire home. read more »

Lawn and Garden

Codyline Australis

posted on 07-05-2020

Very young plant but stem in bending to one side! Can I stake it read more »

First cherries!

posted on 07-05-2020

Hi All, I took a real risk this year planing my cherry tomatoes a month early. Two freezes and they survives. I was very, very luck. 6 of my 10 peppers did not. Anyway, my foolishness paid of... read more »

find out more about thumper for moles

posted on 05-05-2020

i would like to hear more about the thumper to scare moles.does it also work on worms? read more »

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