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Home Improvement

Chronotherm III the fan will not shurt

author: Johnnie Chesser posted 02-25-2018

I have two units, both the same kind. The main one when turned on, the fan will not turn off. i see the temps and can adjust them, but I can not get fan off read more »

Insulation HELP

author: montekass posted 02-15-2018

I tried to research and find out what I am dealing with, as I am looking to install fiberglass batts over this blow in insulation and make a storage floor to use the attic as storage space. But I can... read more »

radiator was moved, I want to get rid of the exposed valve.

author: DB posted 01-18-2018

had to move a radiator in my kitchen to install a fridge. the valve is sticking up out of the hardwood. I have access to the steam pipe below where the old radiator was. can I cut this and cap... read more »

TOT American Reality Shows

author: alan_m posted 02-25-2018

I've not been feeling too good and for a few days I've vegetated in front of the TV watching mainly daytime crap. There are a number of American reality shows concerning pawn shops, abandoned st... read more »

Home Building

Heating tape/cable on water pipes

author: Randy333 posted 01-22-2018

I just had to replace my 33 year old heat tape on my water pipe that runs through an unheated portion of my building. NOTE: this is the self regulating type of heating cable, not the stuff with a ... read more »

Inside Allerton: The Essential Guide to Robert Allerton Park

author: G.S. Brenac posted 07-16-2017

Step inside the world of Robert Allerton Park in central Illinois and discover the rich history and surprising stories of the stately home, formal gardens, and woodland trails that make up this n... read more »

Team USA Curling

author: DerbyDad03 posted 02-24-2018

It's 01:25 EST. Here's hoping my next post is to congratulate Team USA for winning Olympic Gold. #TeamUSA #TeamShuster #USACurlingGold read more »

Garden shredder problem

author: OldChemist posted 09-04-2017

My AL-KO shredder is 30 years old. It has recently developed a fault, viz. It runs for 10 seconds, then stops. Any answers please? read more »

Home Climate

trane x80 control board

author: greenaire posted 02-14-2018

I had preventive maintenance done on my gas furnace. Noticed the control board had a brown spot. Is this something the tech could have cause or does it appear as a normal failure. The reason for as... read more »

Other Home Topics

New Harry making loud squeaky noise

author: CBowles posted 12-23-2017

The new Numatic Harry it’s Hairobrush is randomly making loud squeaking noise. I cleared the inside but the noise still happens. Any experience please? Thanks. https://www.homeownershub.com/img/cp read more »

Lawn and Garden

Feeding plants flies for protein using soapy water

author: Dan Jenkins posted 12-31-2017

How does a single soap drop of flak incapacitate a housefly? Do you think the dish soap is bad or good for the plants? What is it about soapy water that knocks house flies right out of the air? ... read more »

Uses for cottage cheese

author: Julie Bove posted 11-26-2017

I have cottage cheese to use up by the 27th. Should have checked the date when I bought it I guess. I found a couple of food network recipes that use it. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula... read more »

Spinach with berries? Hmmmmmm

author: T posted 02-25-2018

Spinach with berries ??????? What do you guys think? Worth a black thumb trying out? https://www.rareseeds.com/strawberry-spinach/ read more »

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