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Home Improvement

Re: Patching laminate floor after built in cupboards removed...

posted on 10-15-2018

Make it into a feature of some kind with a purpose? Brian -- ----- -- This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff... briang1@blueyonder.co.uk Blind user, s... read more »

OT: Set your tuner.....

posted on 10-14-2018

Trump Alert! Dear Leader will be on 60 Minutes tonight, 7:30 PM EST I believe. Get your beer chilled and get one of those gizmos that you press to count up each time he lies, but you might not be ... read more »

Lintel loading and size

posted on 09-23-2018

I need to calculate the loads on a lintel for a 2 m opening in a 10 ( brick cavity 100mm block ) ground floor gable wall through to a sunroom at the side. The opening will start about 1.2 m from th... read more »

Cable ran through Sewer line

posted on 08-20-2018

Local company fixed damage. I was wondering is this fix gonna hold. What guarantee should I ask for. They want me to sign a liabilty waiver. Photo shows how they fixed. https://www.homeownershub.com/... read more »

Home Building

Planing End Grain (Cutting Boards)

posted on 10-13-2018

I went to a crafts festival and saw some end grain cutting boards. One of them was made from Douglas fir, which I just happen to have lying around. Extra boards left over for the bed I built for ... read more »

Fine Homebuilding magazines available

posted on 07-19-2018

Fine Homebuilding magazines available FREE if you pick them up in Fairfax Virginia or $25 shipping costs if I ship them. Issues 1 thru 145 – missing 4, 75, 82, 86, 93, 112, 124, 138, 139, 142 Al... read more »

leadership study program on urban innovations

posted on 05-04-2018

This year’s Leaders Study Program on Urban Innovations is in Vancou ver and scheduled between August 27-30th August .The city’s extraordin ary success meant that the city’s name itself has... read more »

Can I Run 40:1 Oil In 50:1 Equipment?

posted on 07-02-2018

Hello, I was wondering if I could run 40:1 gas ratio in a 50:1 gas ratio, my old string trimmer died and that took 40:1. I have 2 gallons of 40:1 gas. I am getting a new string trimmer and blower tha... read more »

Home Climate

Oil Tank Not Full But Whistle Sounded

posted on 10-04-2018

Had a fuel delivery today. Got a call saying the guy could only pump like 20 gallons before the whistle went off indicating it was full. However, there is no way possible the tank is full because we ... read more »

Other Home Topics

Orange Glo power paste

posted on 04-19-2018

Loved the old product...just not on everything. Dawn Platinum foam will clean as well. The packaging on the Orange Glo was a problem. Plastic container that evidently reacted to the cleaner and the b... read more »

Lawn and Garden

Overgrown garden <UK>

posted on 10-10-2018

What can be done about an abandoned semi in my road? Local council could of sorted it years ago, mad old woman maybe 70 seen maybe twice a year by neighbours. Can't see the house on street view its s... read more »


posted on 10-12-2018

Hi All, I do realize that plant will only uptake minerals from the soil if the mineral is there to start with. My mineral content is mainly silicon in the form of rocks. Not all that useful to th... read more »

Lumpy Grass

posted on 08-11-2018

Greetings! Two years ago I laid down Celebration Bermuda in my lawn. It is healthy and green for the most part but it grows very unevenly. It looks very lumpy . I mow twice a week to keep the faster ... read more »

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