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Home Improvement

Is there a single useful Apple iOS camera capability that isn't already on Android?

author: Tomos Davies posted 04-30-2017

Is there a single useful Apple iOS camera capability that isn't already on Android? The question was posed today on the iOS newsgroup, where nobody on that newsgroup knows cameras well enough to f... read more »

Share your knowledge and get paid with ibbü

author: kyra.platz posted 04-13-2017

Hi, My name is Kyra and I'm working on the ibbü team. ibbü aims to add a human touch to online shopping by connecting websit e visitors with savvy enthusiasts. Experts can easily and quickly c... read more »

How to Deal with Unexpected Plumbing Problems?

author: cynthiamyra posted 11-02-2016

Plumbing probPlumbing issues disturb our normal life so badly that we are left with option none other than calling in a professional. Most of the homeowner’s try to fix plumbing problems on their ... read more »

Kitchen Appliances 'Made in Britain@

author: Malcolm Race posted 04-29-2017

Are there any? We are in the process of re-fitting a kitchen. SWMBO wants to fit only white goods made in the UK. She vwas looking at Hotpoint until she was told that they were made in china/fa... read more »

Home Building

Form material for interior topping slab

author: kcmcgreevy posted 04-28-2017

Placing a ~3.5 topping slab to elevate a garage floor up to the house's sl ab grade on a remodel. We cut 6 wide strips of 1/8 Masonite to act as a perimeter form to set our screed lines. Wall stu... read more »

Not sure what this could be...?

author: morganforney posted 04-13-2016

I'm hoping someone can provide some answers on this. I'm actually a little creeped out by it... My husband bought a home years and years before I met him as an investment property. There have been va... read more »

fire extinguisher state of the art

author: Electric Comet posted 04-29-2017

current exitinguisher is old and have never used it thinking about an upgrade but have not kept up with latest trends what is the preferred style these days read more »

all 4 of my Makita lithius batteries refuse to charge.

author: Glenn Magargee posted 12-04-2016

I have 2 lithium 18V batteries and 2 Lithium/ion batteries for 18V. None will charge and they are NOT old. Charger blinks red/green. Book said that meant a bad charger but I bought a new one and i... read more »

Home Climate

Restarting Chest freezer

author: amdx posted 03-12-2017

I'm the guy with 12 chest freezers used in my business. I have two freezers that are hard to get started if left not running for long, otherwise they cool fine and run at or below -10*F. When e... read more »

Other Home Topics

Cleaning pillow that had sweat stains on it white again

author: Stained posted 02-26-2017

I have a pillow that is now starting to turn tan with my sons sweat from sleeping.always been line that from the beginning.I have all these stain removers.I just want to wash it once and and be whit... read more »

Lawn and Garden

Ground cover

author: James McDone posted 04-29-2017

Hello :) Which is the best ground cover that grows fast? Please and Thank you James --- This email has been checked for viruses by AVG. http://www.avg.com read more »

turing tomato plants

author: Ralph Mowery posted 03-08-2017

This is the first time I have tried growing tomatoes from seeds. They are growing fine. Maybe too early for some, but I am going to put them in large pots and near a garage window as soon as th... read more »

roofing tar paper

author: Susan Spivey posted 04-27-2017

For use in walking path in garden read more »

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