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Home Improvement

OT: any right wingers left?

posted on 10-18-2019

The Conservatives just stated: We=E2=80=99re investing an extra =C2=A33= 3.9 billion in the NHS =E2=80=93 EVERY year. We=E2=80=99re hiring 20,000= extra police officers. And we=E2=80= read more »

Asimov, was: OT: more fake news

posted on 10-18-2019

In notX writes: [snip] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breeds_There_a_Man...%3F -- ______________________ read more »

how fix broken faucet?

posted on 09-18-2019

screw broke off. dont want to remove wall. pics: https://imgur.com/a/L2mwPV0 https://imgur.com/a/epuxdPm https://imgur.com/a/zLYoRNQ https://imgur.com/a/TUETwqO https read more »

Home Building

Lee Valley website

posted on 10-18-2019

Man I don't like the new website design at all. Too used to the old one I guess... Get off my lawn. read more »

Compacting subbase for paver patio

posted on 09-12-2019

Do it yourself I'm installing paver stone patio and got ahead of myself when putting in limestone sub base. I didn't compact in lifts and have between 9 to 10 inches spread out . will i still be okay... read more »

What size beam needed to replace a14' support wall?

posted on 07-03-2019

I have removed support walls before, but this one has a different sort of roof structure. The roof spans the house about 40'. The support wall is dead in the middle and in line with the roof ridge ... read more »

Craftsman P/Molder gears

posted on 04-26-2019

Looking for two gears for Model # 351233831. 30t and 31t read more »

Home Climate

Oil Tank Whistler

posted on 10-17-2019

I have an oil tank in my basement that the delivery driver indicates that the whistle is bad. It's a newer tank and I've had the tank checked by my HVAC people who indicate it's working fine. When ... read more »

Other Home Topics

Red Spots (lol not really)

posted on 07-28-2019

(Use bleach and any detergent to clean). lmao ive read all of these answers and it made me giggle even though it shouldn't have. the reason most of these spots have popped up in the bathroom walls..... read more »

Lawn and Garden

Witch Hazel in a container?

posted on 10-11-2019

Can you grow witch hazel in a container? If so which is the best variety? -- Colstar read more »

close to frost weather

posted on 10-14-2019

might happen tonight. we've had a nice spell of a few weeks and i sure wouldn't mind a few more just like this as i can get so much done. not ready for cold weather yet, but had to turn the ... read more »

sears push lawn mower question -

posted on 09-05-2019

I can start lawn mower and begin to cut the grass with a grass catcher. When full the mower is shut off while I empty catcher. When I try to start mower again it won't start .It has to cool down befo... read more »

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