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Home Improvement

USPS Includes Junk Mail With Official Correspondence

author: DerbyDad03 posted 05-27-2017

My daughter submitted a change of address via the USPS website. To verify the change, the USPS sent a letter to our house addressed to My Daughter's Name or Current Residence stating that if the re... read more »

Mold Smell

author: redtomato posted 05-13-2017

Our home has a mold smell and we are not sure of the source. Should we call an independent home inspector? Calling a mold expert seems risky since they are selling services. read more »

How to Deal with Unexpected Plumbing Problems?

author: cynthiamyra posted 11-02-2016

Plumbing probPlumbing issues disturb our normal life so badly that we are left with option none other than calling in a professional. Most of the homeowner’s try to fix plumbing problems on their ... read more »

Propane or Butane

author: rick posted 05-26-2017

OK .. at a basic caravanning level 0 Propane is used for cold weather at Butane the rest of the year. Fully understand Butane has performance drop off with temp. I jut bought a new gas BBQ ... it... read more »

Home Building

1000 sq ft out building with basement

author: Kenny87 posted 05-22-2017

Looking to build around a 1000 sq ft building just open layout but would want electricity to it. Also 9-11ft basement. (Shelter) what are the options out there can i go polebarn route? Or what wo... read more »

Not sure what this could be...?

author: morganforney posted 04-13-2016

I'm hoping someone can provide some answers on this. I'm actually a little creeped out by it... My husband bought a home years and years before I met him as an investment property. There have been va... read more »

Stained bandsaw table

author: swalker posted 05-27-2017

When I purchased my new band saw table last year it arrived with a beautiful steel table. Now it has stained due to the processing of green wood for turning. It is not etched, just stained, mos... read more »

all 4 of my Makita lithius batteries refuse to charge.

author: Glenn Magargee posted 12-04-2016

I have 2 lithium 18V batteries and 2 Lithium/ion batteries for 18V. None will charge and they are NOT old. Charger blinks red/green. Book said that meant a bad charger but I bought a new one and i... read more »

Home Climate

Other Home Topics

Cleaning pillow that had sweat stains on it white again

author: Stained posted 02-26-2017

I have a pillow that is now starting to turn tan with my sons sweat from sleeping.always been line that from the beginning.I have all these stain removers.I just want to wash it once and and be whit... read more »

Lawn and Garden

Q: Growing Arbutus Unedo from cuttings?

author: Al Tprk posted 05-21-2017

Hello all: I'm trying to grow Arbutus Unedo (Strawberry Tree) from cuttings. My first cutting just wouldn't root. I was told that I need some growth hormone. I checked the local Home Depot and L... read more »

turing tomato plants

author: Ralph Mowery posted 03-08-2017

This is the first time I have tried growing tomatoes from seeds. They are growing fine. Maybe too early for some, but I am going to put them in large pots and near a garage window as soon as th... read more »

Sick of all this rain and lack of sunshine...

author: wg_2002 posted 05-24-2017

Anyone else in the Midwest sick of all the rain and lack of sunshine this spring? The cool temps here aren't helping either. The high today was 63...sigh... My cool weather crops like onions, ... read more »

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