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Home Improvement

Broadband for all - not political

posted on 11-15-2019

why would cables be needed? Surely people can use 3G or something? Wirelss connections are surely good enough. read more »


posted on 11-15-2019

When shit happens call Jasper Towing Service 619.371.3851 We share your caring. read more »

wiring a basement

posted on 11-14-2019

I am finishing by basement. There is a half to three quarter inch space between the studs and the concrete wall. We thought this would be a great place to run the wires. I know the wire must be sup... read more »

Swirl Mono Sink Mixer Kitchen Tap

posted on 10-25-2019

I have a 25 month old (1 month) out if warranty) Swirl kitchen tap that now has a drip. The installation instructions do not include how to repair/replace the tap cartridges. Does the arm on the tap... read more »

Home Building

New Cabinet Hinges - Half A Hole Off - 68 Times!

posted on 11-13-2019

I'm painting the stick built kitchen cabinets and left SWMBO in charge of choosing the hardware. She found handles she liked so I gave her the specs for the hinges (3/8 inset, surface mount) so sh... read more »

Compacting subbase for paver patio

posted on 09-12-2019

Do it yourself I'm installing paver stone patio and got ahead of myself when putting in limestone sub base. I didn't compact in lifts and have between 9 to 10 inches spread out . will i still be okay... read more »

What size beam needed to replace a14' support wall?

posted on 07-03-2019

I have removed support walls before, but this one has a different sort of roof structure. The roof spans the house about 40'. The support wall is dead in the middle and in line with the roof ridge ... read more »

Corrosion on hot water heater pipes

posted on 11-11-2019

Is this hot water heater pipe corrosion normal? (1) Needs to be connected by a nipple, only brass available http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=20_image6071.jpg (2) Will the new brass nipple ... read more »

Home Climate

Trane parts

posted on 11-02-2019

My Trane central heat is blowing cold air and showing the error code for a defective high temp limit switch. I pulled the old one out and sure enough the sensor on the end is completely corroded away... read more »

Other Home Topics

Predominantly black specs that bite, on floors, bed, couch, fridge, tables, basically everywhere. Just moved in this year. I can’t live like this anymore!!

posted on 11-01-2019

As u can see in the subject field, I wanted to write so much more. My family thinks I’m seeing things. Even though I had at least 100 containers with this foreign material inside as evidence. ... read more »

Lawn and Garden

Zopiclone for sale UK | Buy Zopiclone online uk | Order zopiclone Cheap zopiclone for sale Uk

posted on 11-15-2019

http://uklegalmed.com/Zopiclone.html My wickr is.........mikeman695 My email is.........mikeman695@gmail.com My whatsapp..............237690177365 Zopiclone for sale | Buy Zopiclone online | UK ... read more »

I need a lettuce recommendation

posted on 11-15-2019

Hi All, Zone 6c. very short growing season. I have a spot open in next years plan that I'd like to fill with (leaf) lettuce. Any recommendations? Many thanks, -T read more »

sears push lawn mower question -

posted on 09-05-2019

I can start lawn mower and begin to cut the grass with a grass catcher. When full the mower is shut off while I empty catcher. When I try to start mower again it won't start .It has to cool down befo... read more »

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