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Home Improvement

Shed Roof Felt

posted on 06-24-2018

After about 30 years the shed roof needs re-felting - one side has slipped due to the wind and sun. Originally it was nailed with galvanised nails. Where it was nailed it has now torn. Is there... read more »

Re: Europeans to populate Brazil's forrest

posted on 06-24-2018

On Sun, 24 Jun 2018 06:32:36 -0400, BurfordTJustice Marvelous bird the Norwegian Blue. Beautiful plumage. read more »

Spiders - How to get rid...

posted on 05-27-2018

Anyone tell me how I can get rid of these spiders. I seem to have loads of them. Hes a link to a you tube video to show you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU7nKtt9fUo read more »

Identify this bathtub fixture

posted on 05-20-2018

I have this fixture on a clawfoot tub in a rental.I want to install a hand held shower but not sure what to do with this fitting.There is no spout just what looks like a quick connect fitting https:/... read more »

Home Building

planter box lining

posted on 06-24-2018

looking for the favorite planter box liner or maybe i will just make drain holes pond liner seems too stiff but seems to be the right stuff read more »


posted on 03-10-2018


leadership study program on urban innovations

posted on 05-04-2018

This year’s Leaders Study Program on Urban Innovations is in Vancou ver and scheduled between August 27-30th August .The city’s extraordin ary success meant that the city’s name itself has... read more »

Garden shredder problem

posted on 09-04-2017

My AL-KO shredder is 30 years old. It has recently developed a fault, viz. It runs for 10 seconds, then stops. Any answers please? read more »

Home Climate

New HVAC issue

posted on 06-12-2018

Hi all, Thanks for your advice in advance. I bought a condo in February this year. New HVAC system installed in December 2017. Goodman 2 ton with a compressor on the roof. First day of needing the A... read more »

Other Home Topics

Orange Glo power paste

posted on 04-19-2018

Loved the old product...just not on everything. Dawn Platinum foam will clean as well. The packaging on the Orange Glo was a problem. Plastic container that evidently reacted to the cleaner and the b... read more »

Lawn and Garden

Controlling adventitious growth of oleander

posted on 06-24-2018

There is a large (multiple 5 trunks) oleander growing next to a walkway. Some unwanted trunks have been cut, and they produce a dense growth of buds, which intrude on the walkway and have to be la... read more »

chop chop

posted on 06-23-2018

was contemplating yesterday morning and sorta PO'd because i have so much heavy stuff to do but my arm and knee need a break to heal up. except i'm getting fed up already with this idea of not ... read more »

Lawn sprinklers

posted on 06-21-2018

Hi New to this forum. Can anyone tell me how many sprinkles I could run of one hose that is connected to my house mains pressure. Was looking at pulsating sprinklers. Thanks Andy. -- Senna read more »

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