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Costco Toilet 150 MaP ?
Costco has a one piece Milim Globe Ridge Water Rdge # 386082 toilet reduced from $280 to $164. It has a rating of 150 MaP which is how many grams of waste it removes in a single flus. I believe that...
12 years ago 5
Building on Sandy Soil
I'm looking at a piece of property for a building site in Western Wisconsin. The soil survey maps defines it as 'tarr sand' " The Tarr series consists of very deep, excessively drained...
12 years ago 8
Installing shower wand on fiberglass surround
We recently moved into our new house and I need to install a wand-type shower in one bathroom. The bathroom has a typical fiberglass tub with fiberglass surround. The shower arm for the fixed-head...
12 years ago
Finishing a basement: I want to paint the walls BEFORE installing doors and trim
I'm finishing my basement and I've primed all of my walls. I was planning on completing the painting of the walls first - then painting doors and trim and installing them. I thought this would...
12 years ago 3
structured wiring in existing wood frame home
I am adding more structured wiring to an existing home. Home is wood frame, stucco, tile roof. I was able to add some cat5 to nearby rooms but it wasn't easy. previous owner had pulled some sat...
12 years ago 11
Toilet Trapway size ?
I have a kohler toilet and I often have to plunge it, at least once a week. It seems to plug easily without any abnormal use. I am looking at getting a new toilet and notice that trapway sizes are...
12 years ago 7
Payed Refferal?
Is it not a red flag when a contractor needs to pay for a refferal. This seems to come naturally for contractors who offer quality service. Rod
12 years ago
qu: vertical foundation crack
I have a vertical foundation crack in my home. it is a vertical crack in poured concrete (below the brick). it is up against the garage portion of my home. it is 2 feet or more vertical in length. I...
12 years ago 5
SLOAN Flushmate Urine Mist
Hi I just got a nice Maysfield toilet with the SLOAN Flushmate. For those of you who are not familiar inside the tank is a bladder that holds the water under pressure. I noticed that when the toilet...
12 years ago 10
GAF ELK System Plus Warranty?
is the gaf elk system plus warranty worth much a roof proposal said it was $250 , then he said he would throw it in just wondering if anyone knows anthing about this warranty covers material defects,...
12 years ago 3
Help with garage design!
I am needing/wanting to build a garage about 24x30. (but am open to other sizes). I need to do this myself. I don=92t have the money right now for a concrete floor. I live in the country. I have been...
12 years ago 6
Painting exterior stucco spray or roll?
I have a single story ranch style home that was built in the mid 1950's. The exterior is stucco and I am getting proposals on getting it painted. One of the beter painters in the area tells me...
12 years ago 33
Barn remodel into apartment
I am in the design part of my barn remodel. I have a few problems: 1. current uneven interior cement slab 2. cracked foundation in places, moving out about 2 inches along with West wall. How do I...
12 years ago 4
Problem with Painter - Repost
This is a repost.. ------------------------------------- Here is the situation. We hired a professional painting contractor. We have a 1920's stucco bungalow in CA. The painter gave us an...
12 years ago 1
Trouble with Sheetrock over Homasote
Hi. I decided to try to soundproof a common wall between me and my tenant. I ripped down the old sheetrock and got rid of the fiberglass insulation. I replaced it with SAFB and put up Homasote. I then...
12 years ago 5