How to install tile over carpet glue?

My client wants ceramic or porcelain tile on her back porch. The
previous owner had glue-down green carpet/fake grass there. My question
is: Can I put thinset down on top of the remaining skim layer of carpet
An Internet search gives me advice all over the map: remove it with
solvents/don't use solvents because they soak into the concrete and
keep thinset from sticking; remove it with abrasives/don't because it
just melts and wastes time; remove and replace an obscenely thick layer
(1/4 - 1/2 inch) of concrete.
* The surface is smooth and even, and it is sloped properly.
I power-washed it awhile back, and the glue washed off just slightly.
* I plan on scraping with a 4" razor in any case.
The fact that the glue dissolved slightly makes me hopeful that
water-based bedding material will "bond" with it. On the other hand, it
makes me worry, also, that it won't.
I'll take any advice I can get.
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