I posted this to Ronnie and of course he didn't answer...
Ah, it all comes down to money, doesn't it? If you wanted to make CEO money,
you should have become a CEO. Surely, you knew going in that a millright
makes less than a CEO. That didn't stop you then, did it? Do you want to be
responsible to stockholders or a board that can say, sorry, we don't like
you, YOU'RE FIRED. You wouldn't like that. I know your type. You are the guy
that if someone asks them to work 2 minutes past quitting time, you're on
the phone to the shop steward complaining about injuctices. I've been on the
other side. I didn't like being a CEO (actually, in my case, a CFO). You lie
awake at night, worrying about a contract that may get cancelled, or funding
that may nnot happen, or competitors that are trying to eat your lunch. In
my case, it causes ulcers I have to this day. You work 20 hours a day, for
weeks on end at budget time, and you sweat every budget item, scared to
death that something will happen to the price or availablity of some vital
raw material that literally puts you out of business. You go ahead. You try
that and then you complain to me about the injustice between the CEOs and
the working man who has no worries beyond why he isn't paid as much as the
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T. C. Conde
Sounds like you are not tough enough to be a big shot CFO either. Workers can be fired at any time too so that is the same for us. You say you were scared to death about stuff that you can't control. You think workers dont have any worries? Many of then have to go to a second job and that is why they don't want to stay late. You actually cry like little girl. I am a CEO myself so I understand the pressures of business but I handle them like a man. try that.
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