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I posted this to Ronnie and of course he didn't answer... Ah, it all comes down to money, doesn't it? If you wanted to make CEO money, you should have become a CEO. Surely, you knew going in...
12 years ago 1
How to install tile over carpet glue?
My client wants ceramic or porcelain tile on her back porch. The previous owner had glue-down green carpet/fake grass there. My question is: Can I put thinset down on top of the remaining skim layer...
12 years ago
Underpnning Existing Foundation and Structure
Hello All, Hoping I can get some valuable advise on a future project. I have a 50 year old ranch style home with full basement. The basement only has a ceiling height of aobut 7'7" We have...
12 years ago 3
Check Wind direction for working outside monitor
Check Wind direction and outdoor and indoor temperature
12 years ago
Securing Deck Posts Inground
What's the proper way to secure vertical deck post in the ground and why? 1) Dig the hole, pour a concrete base, let it cure, then place the pole on top of the base and fill the rest of the hole...
12 years ago 2
Submittal problem
Guys, I have a quick question. Lets say you are GC. Windows manufacturer prepares windows schedule submittal for you, but windows shown on submittal are smaller than those on drawings. You send this...
12 years ago 17
Cost to re do plumbing
How much (ballpark estimate) does it cost to re do the entire plumbing for a house with 2.5 bath and a kitchen. Assuming everything had to be gutted and replaced including pipes. Thank you Ken No way...
12 years ago 12
Garage Framing Question
Hello, I am converting my garage into a living room, and have a question about framing. I have 11 foot ceilings, soon to be 10 foot once I add the floor. 7' is 2x4, and the bottom 3' is...
12 years ago 2
Adding stair - can one tread be on other side of door?
Hi all: I've been planning a bonus room addition to my house for years. This will require the installation of a stairway from the first floor to the new room. When I designed the addition several...
12 years ago 15
New Clear Vision Security Product! MAJESTEC!
Majestec products are security doors and security windows. Majestec doors and windows may look the same to ordinary doors and windows. But, Majestec products are superior to normal doors and windows....
12 years ago
Generator transfer panel
What is a good rule of thumb for the length of wire? I read where you should not exceed 25' from the 'Transfer Panel" to your "Main panel", and 25' from the Generator to your "Transfer...
12 years ago 7
Is SanaGloss worth $50
Hi Am looking at getting a Toto UltraMax toilet Its priced at $300 and the Sana Gloss version is $349 Is it worth the additional $49 or is it just hype? : totos on flush sound like a jet aircraft...
12 years ago 9
Screened porch landing
Hello everyone, My wife and I just moved into our house, and now we're trying to fix the seemingly endless list of issues caused by the seeming insanity of the previous owners; we're new to...
12 years ago 3
Partition in Garage
Hi I plan to partition my garage which is now free my cars. I want to put up a timber framed wall as exists in most timber framed houses in Australia.(90 x 45 mm and clad with gyprock on both sides)....
12 years ago 7
birds nest stadium - what's "unwrapped steel"?
There's lots of references to the new stadium in China hosting the 2008 Olympic (BirdsNest) saying it was made from X miles of "unwrapped steel". Anyone want to describe what unwrapped steel...
12 years ago 4