Garage Framing Question

I am converting my garage into a living room, and have a question
about framing.
I have 11 foot ceilings, soon to be 10 foot once I add the floor. 7'
is 2x4, and the bottom
3' is concrete block.
Of course, the block sticks out further than the 2x4. I need advice
how best to even this wall out. I want to add a 1x3 or 2x3 frame from
floor to ceiling, and then drywall.
I've been told that 4" of insuation (R13) is enough, so I do not
intend to bring out the 2x4
any further.
This new frame will be flush against my block, but there will be a
gap between the frame and the 2x4's.
Two questions:
(1) Will a 1x3 frame be strong enough to support 10' of drywall? Or
I need a 2x3?
(2) What do I do with the 7"+ gap between the frame and the existing
2x4's? Do I leave it alone, pack with more insulation ???
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10'? 2x4... Talk to your local building inspector. You might get away with 2x3, but for 10' I doubt it. I wouldn't try, myself.
A stepped wall perhaps?
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On 8/21/08 3:54 PM, in article,
You might consider using the inboard edge of the block wall up to about 36 inches above the floor then stepping back to the original 2 x 4 wall line, thus creating a shelf as the other responder mentioned, this would provide place for display around the room, trophies, knick knacks, etc. common in relaxation areas, plus by staying closer to a regular wall thickness you'll make trimming windows, etc. much easier.
Come to think of it though, if you make the rest of the wall at least 6 inches thick, you'll save on heating down the line with the additional insulation you'll be able to use.
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