Securing Deck Posts Inground

What's the proper way to secure vertical deck post in the ground and
why? 1) Dig the hole, pour a concrete base, let it cure, then place
the pole on top of the base and fill the rest of the hole with dirt?
Or, (2) put the pole into the concrete base before it hardens?
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"jaygreg" wrote ...
Opinions vary, but most will tell you not to bury the post. Pour a proper sized base with an anchor bolt and use a post anchor.
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There are post anchors (steel, typically) made for this purpose. Just ask at the lumber yard, they'll have 'em. Do not bury 'em, if the building inspector doesn't catch it, the owner will as soon as they start to fail.
(the bases also allow for some movement so that ground settling and frost heaves won't break or damage things.)
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