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split face block
I have water leaks in my building and someone recommended hydraulic liquid cement application to stop leaks. What is this stuff. Know where I can find out more about it?...
12 years ago 2
Frozen concrete
i have a new house that is about 6 months old. A samll area ( 5'x5') appears to have frozen, as it will forever brush away, as dust. it seems solid but the top has aggregate visible. I am not...
12 years ago 1
building with birch?
Has anybody any experience in building post & beam houses or other large structures using birch? I'm asking because I may have an opportunity to harvest a lot of birch trees around 6"-12" in...
12 years ago 1
Goodman furnaces and air conditioners
I'd appreciate comments regarding quality and durability of Goodman equipment. Also, if anyone has experience dealing with AC Direct, of Orlando, Florida, I'd like to know your impressions of...
12 years ago 2
Why Teco Nails?
For years I've wondered why we are supposed to use teco nails for joist hangers. Wouldn't a screw do a better job on holding things together in an earthquake or what ever? Thanks, RO Yes, some...
12 years ago 12
well water supply
------------------------------------- Hi, I hope to build a small campground on my property. I need to supply water to the sites from one or several wells. Eventually there will be 50 sites requiring...
12 years ago 20
A Disastrous Contract [case study]
Hey! Guys, I would like to ask you to take a look at this case study (I didn't paste it here since it's pretty long story): me please what you think. Thank you in advance! Regards, Pawel
12 years ago
Construction Vacancies
Cerebra Recruitment currently has many Construction jobs in the UK available. Please have a look at our website:
12 years ago
Shed on a slope
I'm looking at putting a shed in my garden - it would be located on an existing concrete hardstanding area which slopes approx 1 in 10. The shed will probably be about 6' x 4'. What's...
12 years ago 3
steel beam
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12 years ago
steel span
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RSS feed for website
I am looking for a quality rss feed for a supplier of building materials. Their focus is on the professional contractor. Current relevant content would include anything related to Fannie Mae, lumber...
12 years ago 7
Question on advertising contracting services
Hello All: I have a friend who is a general contractor. He uses yellow pages and mail to advertise his business here in San Francisco Bay Area. I suggested using Google ads. He wants to make sure it...
12 years ago
Back Prime Fiber Cement Siding?
I'm receiving conflicting 'information' on painting fiber cement siding. I have info from tech rep & web site each of two manufacturers. The question is whether or not to back prime fiber...
12 years ago 4
Anyone use PetersenDean Roofing
Am in the sf bay area and had Petersen Dean give me a proposal on my roof. I am considering using them Looking for comments and feedback about the company and their work. I read a few bad things about...
12 years ago