Partition in Garage

I plan to partition my garage which is now free my cars. I want to put up a
timber framed wall as exists in most timber framed houses in Australia.(90 x
45 mm and clad with gyprock on both sides).
However, along the ceiling where I want to place my partition is a huge
steel 'I' beam along the exact line of the proposed partition. Do I attach
the wooden frame to this beam say with self tapping screws or otherwise. Or
do I leave it free at the top for fear of drilling into the beam will cause
it to rust.
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Matthew Bastin
"Matthew Bastin" wrote ...
I wouldn't worry about rust, but if it makes you feel better, you can always paint over any exposed steel after drilling. I would bolt a nailer to the bottom flange of the beam and frame the wall up to the nailer and tie it all together. Otherwise the top of the wall isn't fastened to anything. You might even box in the beam and gyprock it.
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If you are worried about rust, (and rust related failures) then there is something wrong other than technique (like too much moisture?)
Since you didn't provide any specifications to the stel beam, it's hard to say for 100% certainity, but there are many ways to prevent corrosion (such as paints, primers, etc.) WRT the holes.
You *may* get away with an adhesive too, but I'm not sure. Someone with more experience in that area can chime in. But for drilling holes, I don't see a problem at all, unless the blasted thing is under water!
You don't mention how the ceiling is fitted into this grand plan, so that's an open subject too. As someone else said, you may end up boxing that beam to make it look good.
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Worrying about the holes is like using a shotgun to kill a bug. It is completely inconsequential. However, along that line of thought, I always raised the partition with a single plate on top and shot it to the beam with a powder nailer. Believe me, that hole will not rust.
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