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maximum steel span
I have built a deck on an existing roof and it's too noisy below because the roof is too bouncy. I want to run a span of steel over the roof without touching it and put my deck on the steel span....
12 years ago 4
masonry contractor weird conversation
I am looking into having a 6' masonry fence constructed (about 50'). I had one contractor come out, take notes, called me the next day with his estimate. I ask him for a copy of his write up....
12 years ago 26
Building a small shed
I'm putting together my gameplan for building (actually rebuilding) a small shed for the yard. It's going to be a 10' x 16' saltbox. I have a couple of questions I was hoping someone...
12 years ago 17
12v mini impact driver?
Hello, Will I be able to drive dozens of 1/4" Tapcon screws into predrilled holes in concrete with this size? Or should I get 14v. Thinking Hitachi. TonyG I would go with an 18v. They don't cost...
12 years ago 13
Architectural Rendering Services & Marketing Services
Artist Rendering, LLC is an architectural visualization firm dedicated to creating the highest quality renderings, animations, illustrations, and media content. What We Do: We create beautiful and...
12 years ago
home renovations Texas
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12 years ago
Another brick path laying question
So I've sorted out what gravel/road base/whatever I'm going to use. I've driven some stakes and built a frame out of pressure treated 2x4s. I "leveled" them by laying a board across my...
12 years ago 2
Replacing Electrical Weatherhead ?
I am a homeowner in Burlingame California I am getting a new roof installed and noticed that my weatherhead is very rusty. Also the ground wire is attached through an insulator into my roof. I would...
12 years ago 3
general question about working with a remodeling company
Hi Everyone, I live in southern California and I'm about to have an aluminum patio cover installed by a remodeling company. This is the second bid I've entertained and I went with this company...
12 years ago 4
Road base for brick and sand walkway?
I'm laying a brick path more or less per the instructions here: instructions call for "engineered road base" to be put under the sand. I went to a big masonry supply store today and bought six...
12 years ago 11
Sound proofing new residential
I am about to build a new home. Some sort of sound proofing would be nice on the interior walls. Does anyone know of any new products or techniques that could be used at reasonable cost. Good old...
12 years ago 8
How are Aluminum Seamless gutters attached?
How are new Aluminum Seamless gutters attached? Does the nail go vertically through the top piece of the gutter that sits under the paper and shingles? Or does the nail go horizontally through the...
12 years ago 3
Tomboy Tools
Incredible line of tools whether you're male or female (but buy the pink if you're the latter - not only is if for a good cause, but maybe they won't disappear - they're better than...
12 years ago
Want to become a residential home builder
Hi, I'm a contractor looking to become a small volume home builder in NY. I have a lot of good subcontractors, family looking to invest, a mortgage broker in the family, a bachelor's degree in...
12 years ago 16
what tubing to use in a radiant slab?
about to pour a basement slab, but wanting to add radiant tubing to be connected at some future date? wondering what type of tubing to use. i have heard regular pex is not to be used in concrete and...
12 years ago 3