Generator transfer panel

What is a good rule of thumb for the length of wire?
I read where you should not exceed 25' from the 'Transfer Panel" to your
"Main panel", and 25' from the Generator to your "Transfer panel".
I can understand 25' from transfer to the main, because the number of wires,
but I have a need to run 50' from my 7550w generator to the transfer panel.
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Another contractor that I know usually places the generator as far away as possible from the house to keep the noise away. Check with the manufacturer.
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John Grabowski
On Mon, 18 Aug 2008 21:00:00 -0400, "Bill" wrote:
Other than building codes? (if applicable) AFAIK, there is no restriction in the distance from the power source (generator) and the transfer panel. The transfer panel location may have restrictions however. Ask your local building inspector, he'll be the final say regardless. Any local licensed electrican should also be able to set this up in a proper manner-just ask around before you hire someone.
What is (10/3wG)
Are you saying you want to connect a 7500 watt power source with 10 AWG wire? If that is the case, you are nuts... You could run it with 4 AWG without too much trouble, but never in a million years would you get satisfactory service with 10 AWG wire, even for shorter distances. Now if (10/3wG) is not what size wire you are planning to use...
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My 7500 has maybe 6 or 8 ga outside, research it you might need 4 ga at that length.
I have an 8KW @ 110 feet and wire size is #6.
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Twice Retired
I like the idea of 50' of #6. I Think 4 is over kill for 50'. Not allot of current draw here.
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I think the reason for shorter runs from main to transfer panel is that from gen to transfer is 240 v, so amps is less, from transfer to main its going to be 120 v, so amps will go up, and most panels are wired with 12 ga wire, just keep in mind, overall its the toal watts that count, and running from gen to transfer panel, I would go over kill on the line there, because its all going through that line.
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Craig M
The people I know who have transfer panels have them located almost side by side with the circuit breaker box. One of these people is an electrician... they just use real long extension cords to connect to the generators. The generators are placed outside the garage - some in the driveway and one is outside the side of the garage. The installer cut a hole in the concrete large enough for a cord to go through and then put a removable metal plate over it to cover when not in use. This way the owner could anchor the generator to a piece of metal embedded in concrete in the ground so the generator would not be stolen.
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