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Water softner for shower
We have just built a shower room on the third floor of a building we own. The hot water is heated by a tank which does the entire building and the cold water is direct mains. We are using a monsoon...
17 years ago 20
Champagne mixer basin taps
On holiday in Italy the hotel had a basin with a mixer tap. The water came out in a stream similar to the "champagne" effect on my shower, full of bubbles. I guess this is caused by an aerator. Has...
17 years ago 6
Car and Motorcycle Battery Tips
Top Ten Starting Battery Tips 1. Wear glasses when working with a battery, because it might explode. 2. Keep your non-sealed battery properly filled with distilled water and the top clean. The plates...
17 years ago 4
oak floor
Hi guys, Im just about to start laying some oak T&G flooring in the living room. Now I can obviously hide the expansion gap under the skirting, but when it comes to the granite hearth, Im stuck.. Now...
17 years ago 4
How do I make concrete?
I bet this is the daftest question posted in here for a while! I need to set a 4 inch square, 2 metre high, metal post into the ground. The ground is soil. The post will have a switch mounted on the...
17 years ago 11
Re: Gravity to fully pumped and oil to gas !
Not particularly. You could consider a system boiler where it is integral. If you are going to have pipes dropping down such that the boiler becomes a high point, then you will need to make a venting...
17 years ago 5
Electrical Wiring Grouping Factors in IEE Regs
Anyone understand cable grouping factors? When 2 or more cables (BTW only standard UK domestic pvc sheathed FTE concerns me) are close together, IEE Regs (16th ed/yellow cover) page 197 Table 4B1...
17 years ago 5
Re: cutting hole in ceramic tile
If you are careful and don't mind the spray take the guards of your plasplugs and lower(*) the tile onto the top of the blade. Indeed ISTR that this is in TFM. Be careful to accurately mark both sides...
17 years ago 13
Wiring a timer fan
Could anyone please advise me how to wire an extractor fan with run-on timer in a bathroom? It needs to be wired into a wall mounted light. The instructions say that switched live, permanent live and...
17 years ago 3
flat roof - slope for run off
just wondered what sort of slope to put on a flat roof over new kitchen/living room and how to achieve this (assuming here that you cut say 3x2 down so that one end is higher than the other, then fix...
17 years ago 3
specs for central heating and hot water system
hi, Could someone point me to some good sites or books that I can spec the central heating and hot water for our house and new extension. Have specd the radiators but looking for some info on pipe...
17 years ago 1
Airlock in hot water pipes
After using a lot of hot water, the pipes have run dry. There was a gurgle and then a hiss like air being sucked in - then the hot water went off. The hot tap works in the kitchen downstairs, it's...
17 years ago 3
Chrome tile edging strip.
Is it still available? A quick trawl of my local sheds today says no... Focus had some in my local bought some two months ago
17 years ago 1
dismantle-able armchairs and setees?
I need to buy four matching setees for my house, but I'd really like something that can be *easily* moved from room to room. I guess that means it must be something that can be dismantled, e.g., by...
17 years ago 3
Removing tile transfers
How can I remove transfers from the tiles in my bathroom. I've redecorated, but the previous owner put a small border of flowery things round the window (ugh!), and they're very hard to shift. I've...
17 years ago 6