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General musing - how long would you expect modern appliances to last?
This thought prompted by a water leak on our dishwasher. We had a new kitchen about 8 years ago. The extractor hood lasted about 5 years then I had to replace it. The dishwasher is now leaking and the...
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Dishwasher service manual? Can you get these? Lamona LAM8670 water leak.
So, I have removed the kick board and run the loaded dishwasher and can now see where the water is coming from. Not much help, really, without knowing what is behind the panel. My next step was to...
2 hours ago 1
strange ......OT
Why are there so many black people in Emmardale farm these days ?....Shirley they like cities better and don't like cold places like up north and Scotland.....
2 hours ago
OT: Latest Amazon witticism
As I had to do a bit of work recently on my server, I spent some time moving a display from one system to another. So to avoid this in future I ordered one of these: two HDMI cables, a 0.3 and a 0.9...
7 hours ago 4
Preventing a crack in a plasterboard ceiling.
As part of a re-furb in the cloakroom - new lighting and different plumbing, I'll have to replace the plasterboard ceiling. Approximately 1.4 x 1.2 meters. Joists along the major axis. About half way...
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What is that behind him?
BBC News Coronavirus: Your questions Answered, Live from Cambridge a Naked Dentists sign over his left shoulder, what is that equipment directly behind him/ over his right shoulder? It looks like a...
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Dehumidifier recommendations
I've had an ebac 2650e for about five years and it works well enough, but it's getting a bit too heavy to take up & down stairs so I'm looking to buy a second dehumidifier for upstairs. Most of the...
10 hours ago 12
Why did warm air central heating go out of fashion?
It used to be we had open fires. But then hot water radiators came in - much cleaner, and easier to manage. Nowadays we seem to be moving towards underfloor heating - where effectively the entire...
11 hours ago 24
This guy is brilliant
Bill For once I will endorse one of Jim's random links. The channel is question is run by an anti scammer who has made a profession of disrupting and taking down scammers who typically pray on the old...
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Re: OT: what's this make of? (WW2 munition)
Yes for the short time it takes to be safe, surely its always best to get the experts. Brian
13 hours ago
Bloody wasps part 2
Having previously offed 3 in the conservatory and 2 in the room with the wood burner, I went outside to fill the log basket from the wood pile, only to find a couple more puzzled queen wasps emerging...
23 hours ago 5
Cleaning printing off cables
I ordered some white PVC flex to replace a pendant lampholder. Unfortunately when it came it turned out to have conspicuous 'dot matrix' style black printing along the length. This makes it unsightly...
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diy hydraulic fittings?
I'm working on daughters new (to her, 21 year old) Honda motorbike. She would normally do it (under my supervision) but Covid etc etc. I've done the chain and sprockets (un-seizing the rear brake in...
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Boiler Losing Pressure II
Posted a couple of weeks back - boiler losing pressure, needing half a pint or so a day. I've checked the expansion tank and overflow, and all of the below the floor pipes. I've checked most of the...
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Re: OT: what?s this made of? (WW2 munition)
Hmm, from memory (having broken one open previously), it?s like a brownish resin. They are all this size though with a ?cupped? or ?flared out? end that looks possible partially combusted. Just...
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