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Re: Are Powered Posthole borers any good?
The truck mounted ones are good as mass of truck keeps it straight ... hand held one just throw all over the place when they hits stones.
1 day ago
Built in appliances and kick boards - a general comment
in message: Gravity in message: The joys of cheap kirchens Having struggled to remove the kick boards (it should have been easy but extra bits had been added beyond clips) I looked at the built in...
1 day ago 9
iPlayer no longer works on some Humax PVRs
I don't use iPlayer that often but a couple of days ago I noticed that it fails on my HD FOX T2. Seems there is a problem with ?all Humax PVRs because various Humax forums have similar messages though...
1 day ago 7
Silicone sealant between kitchen cabinet kick plate and floor - removal - dishwasher
in message: Will the kick panel not come off with some flavour of moulded extrusion still attached to the bottom? You may have to remove other kick boards to release the one you want out. If they are...
1 day ago 7
OT: Coolest sound ever - golf ball on frozen lake
It sounds a little bit like the radar sound on the old TV shows. There was a familiar tone way at the end too. I bet everyone of us made that sound whether cold, hot, tired, hungry, etc. Did you watch...
1 day ago 6
Silicone on new sink strainer waste?
I've got a new stainless steel Franke sink and waste, which came supplied with sealing washers top and bottom. The instructions make no mention of using any silicone in addition to the washers but...
1 day ago 11
PVA, and 'The Other' PVA
Hi all - slightly stupid question perhaps... I see plenty of reference here re. the use of 'PVA' as a sealer. I have some myself, a 5L container of 'Contractors PVA' bought from Toolstation or similar...
1 day ago 8
Interesting deep dive on EV battery supply problems
Talks about Tesla as a lead, but in reality covers any Li-Ion technology. On Sun, 25 Oct 2020 10:50:38 +0000 I think that it's customary to put a 'tee-hee' after Youtube links. Interesting, though -...
1 day ago 2
Salamander CT50
I have a Salamander CT50 that was probably installed in this house just before we moved here, in an attempt by the previous owner to spruce it up a bit. It says WED: SEP 2009 on the label. It looks...
2 days ago 1
W/basin bath repair
I think it was asked in here - someone looking for a suitable material to fix a chipped w/basin and one of the suggestions was this stuff - asked if might be suitable for a chip in a white enamelled...
2 days ago 6
Cat6 unshielded with mains power?
I've an opportunity to run mains power and CAT6 to a garden summerhouse. Can they run in the same conduit? One cable each in separate conduit? Get some shielded Cat6 and use that instead? I already...
2 days ago 19
Small push-button switch
I've a couple of desk lamps with the domed push-button switches and one is rather glued together and getting more fragile. Eventually I managed to find something on Ebay - tried all sorts of search...
2 days ago 9
QUORA: Why do some never get flu despite not getting the shot?
QUORA: Why do some people never get the flu in their adult life despite not getting the shot? by Ray Schilling, Updated July 2 Blogger, retired physician & cancer researcher. (2010?present) People who...
2 days ago
Re: OT - What will be completely unacceptable in 100 years - or even 50
AISB, but perhaps you were nodding off, I know nothing of fish physiology, and cannot therefore judge whether such a hook causes pain or not. I imagine they enjoy their activity, else why do it, but,...
3 days ago 3
Re: Limetron hard water conditioner
What is it? An ion exchnage column, a salt based "softener", ah no a coil of wire around a bit of pipe. As with most things snake oil you'll find the odd person who thinks said snake oil is the best...
3 days ago 1