OT: Another Currys PC World scam

I had an e-mail an hour ago, purporting to come from Curry's - PC
World, The Five Swans, 14 St. Mary's Place, Newcastle upon Tyne,
thanking me for my order, payment status: unclaimed. There were
instructions on how to cancel the order before it gets fulfilled, by
logging into my Paypal account etc.
I haven't ordered anything from Curry's - PC World for ages, let alone
in the last couple of hours. There is no Curry's PC World in St Mary's
Place, the Five Swans is a pub, and the message came from Currys
snipped-for-privacy@ticket.ma whoever or wherever that is.
I assume this is a scam - it was certainly quite convincing, well laid
out with an order number, order ID, and an authorisation code. I have
no intention of responding. There was a similar scam doing the rounds
a year or so ago - is this the same one or something new?
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Chris Hogg
I would not grace this with a response. Just wait and see if an order turns up and hand it into the police as lost property :-)
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Without knowing the details of last years scam, there's no reason to think this is any different. According to Google the scam reported on, on Oct 4th 2019 was itself a revival. CurrysPC World are an ideal retailer for this sort of thing, as they sell sufficiently high value goods. The email will look authentic because at some point in their miserable lives one of these low-lifes will actually have bought something from Currys; although doubtless using a stolen credit card to pay for it.
There's very little possibility of anything turning up IMO for two reasons
a) The scammers would need to pay for it first, as Currys don't provide goods on credit
b) It's doubtful the scammers would have the OP's postal address to get something delivered. (That would be identity theft of an entirely different order) They just buy up bulk email addresses on the cheap, and can make enough money from those. At least so they hope. Indeed, using a pub address smacks of rank amateurs to me. It's almost the sort of thing you used to see get advertised in the classified section of "Viz".
michael adams
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michael adams
They are getting much better-looking.
IIRC the car tax one looked quite good, and for one owner in 12 it will even turn up in the right month.
I'd love to think an upside of them would be to encourage people to fact-check politicians and social media better. But I fear that is a vain hope.
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There are loads of them, I have one about my order from a Wine company saying that I would be taken to court if I did not pay for the crate. Do they think we all live in la la land?
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Brian Gaff (Sofa
Probably not but sufficient do other wise the scammers wouldn't do it.
1 million emails, 0.1% hit rate at £100/hit = £100,000
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Dave Liquorice
Can you still pay for 6 months tax? That would make it one in six for some people.
It's a while since I last paid it myself (Lou did it the last time couple of times and before that it was a company van).
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in message Oops managed to delete your later post.
Re the Krogers, I said that *they* spied on Los Alamos.
Turns out it was the wife rather than the husband
In 1941, Cohen married Lona, a Communist Party activist. She later became a spy and courier for Manhattan Project physicist Theodore Hall. They were part of a ring of atomic spies who were later revealed to have been far more damaging to US interests than the Rosenberg ring.
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Indeed. But Hall was never caught i.e. never confessed to anything during routine FBI interviews, and he was an American anyway, So even if he had been caught, this would have had no bearing on the UK being excluded from joint atomic research. Conversely had the code breakers got lucky in 1945 and that's all it would have needed, and partially decrypted something seemingly pointing to Fuchs a former German now UK citizen, and Bill Skardon got working on him, convincing him he may as well confess as they already knew all about his activities then the Rosenbergs would have been fried seven years earlier and the UK would have definitely been excluded from atomic research
As I pointed out before, US Congressman said they would never have passed the Act in that form had they known of UK joint participation. But obviously the secrecy goes much deeper than that. Clearly the drafters of the Bill didn't know and quite possibly even Truman himself didn't know of the contribution of UK scientists to Manhatten*. As neither did Attlee. He had no "need to know" being the operational principal, along with the fact he was socialist in any case.
This is what makes Churchill's silence on the matter at the time all the more damning. As he was one of the few people in possession of *
all* the relevant facts
michael adams
Obviously a few years later after the Fuchs, Nunn May, revelations the situation was rather different. I may have been mistaken in Citing Brownowski. While he certainly worked on calculating optimal bombing strategies in the European theatre, it seems Lisa Jardine's programme about her father made no mention of Los Alamos.
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michael adams

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