Square D electrical panel question

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What a wimp!

You had two unshocked legs, why didn't you use them?

Now you see myself, and most people I studied with at uni would have laughed or filmed the incident before helping you.

What, incase your arms were upset? Your heart was clearly still beating, what's the fuss about?

Oh what a surprise.

I';m sure you'll live. Oh, you did.

Even more wimpier than you.

Glad to hear they didn't go all health and softy and change the jumpers. It was you that did something daft, no changes were necessary.

I'd say from personal experience of both, that both feel the same, but AC allows you to let go, as your muscles are "shivering" at 50Hz, not cramped up.
Customer explaining flooded car to insurance claim investigator:
"It didn't look that deep at first glance - it only came half way up the ducks."
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