T wrote:
there are suckers born every minute...
$35 for water gathered from composted organic materials.
you can get all of those same things for free by burying organic materials, keeping them moist and stirring them once in a while.
if you want to waste energy you can get the same organic materials and a little dirt and put them in some water and then use an air pump and an air stone to circulate the water for a few days or longer. then you can spray or dump it where you want. bunch of BS IMO...
remember this, businesses want to sell you things even if you don't need them. that is the American way.
the creatures, bacteria and fungi in the soil can do pretty much the same thing eventually no matter how they arrive or in what form. most organic materials already have both fungal and bacterial populations present that will happily break the materials down given time and moisture. it's how our whole system functions.
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