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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------One Star (there would be ZERO if the option was available). = Cheap China C**P, Marketing, Mail & Phone Fraud Reviewer: bruceaa3 from Carrollton, TX United States First of all, I am an advanced degreed electrical engineer. I almost never buy off TV. Caveat Emptor and all that. Well, we have a new baby, so I wanted everything really clean. I bit...and got bitten. 1) The machine spits out steam at a raging 105 decibles - comparable to a small jet engine. They used a highly directional microphone to eliminate the sound on the infomercial.
2) Now the fraud: The shipping and handling was listed on the website and by the phone salesclerk at $19.95. Arrived with S&H at $24.90 plus Texas State sales tax OVERCALCULATED at 11.7%. The real rate here is no more than 8 1/2%.
3) Tried this unit on every item as seen in the infomercial. Total failure. I suspect they pretreated the areas, or painted on the "stuff". An entire pot of water failed to remove any grease from the porcelein coated new BBQ grill I have. Ditto soap scum and mold on a sink. Ditto road grime on mag allow car wheel.
They have no real website, no email address. Had to go hunting for "Scunzi" on the 'Net. The address they list are no-name warehouse owned by "Universal Inventory, Inc." This one is just 10 minutres from me. I will investigate and then contact Consumer Affiars, the DA's office and the Postal Service, as well as make a bank chargeback..
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