Paste Wax on Fe Tools?

Sun, Aug 12, 2007, 12:09pm .@. (GarageWoodworks) doth queryeth: Ever leave paste wax (wiped on thin, but NOT wiped off) on your cast iron tool tops (jointer, TS top etc.) in between projects? <snip>
This is related, kinda. I live in NC too.
I keep my wondernine handy. I check it every few days or so. It's been fine normally, but a couple of weeks ago, I pulled it out and, gasp, it had rust. Took it apart, used a cotton (mostly) sock with a bit of Marvel Mystery Oil on it, and took care of the rust. Checked, daily, for a couple of days, no prob. Than about the third day, gasp, a small bit of rust starting again. Again, sock, oil. Apparently somehow something wet got on/in the holster. Hmm. Cut the sock off about halfway, a bit more Marvel Mystery Oil, slid the piece inside the sock, then in the holster. Had to loosen the strap a fraction to get it to snap properly, but have had no recurrence of rust. And it smalls nice too.
I find that a drop or two of Marvel Mystery Oil on my router bit bearing, before use, seems to greatly improve its life expectancy also.
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