Price of double-glazed units

I'm considering buying some unglazed window frames from someone's
unfinished project, for my own. Before I decide if this is economic,
can anyone give me a rough idea, from your experience, of the sort of
price I;d have to pay for double-glazed units to go in them? Each
casement is about 1000 high, 600 wide and divided into two,
Do the frames need to have trickle vents for building control (going
itno new dormers), or can I get away with vents in the surrounding
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Isn't that a straightforward query to ask whatever supplier you have in mind, where you'll find the actual price you'll pay for the exact size you want, in your locality?
I'd have thought so, but interpretation of trickle-vent requirements seems to vary; suggest you'd be best off asking your local building control officer as it will be him that actually signs it off.
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In article , Lobster writes
Not always, I got my sealed units at half price (saving 500quid) by going to a supplier outside my normal searching area, if I hadn't found out the going wholesale rate in the larger region from a friend I probably wouldn't have searched that far afield.
The requirement is for a certain level of ventilation but there is not a requirement that it come from vents in the windows themselves, it just so happens that the window is often the easiest place to provide it.
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