Toilet flush button / heigh adjustment

The toilet cistern in my bathroom has a flush mechanism very similar to
this one:-
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's a chrome button and a button surround which sits on top of the
cistern lid - depressing the button activates the flush etc.
The problem is that the button and its surround no longer fits securely
in the lid - I suspect the reason for this is that the height of the
mechanism inside the cistern has dropped down slightly.
Looking at it, there appears to be a height-adjustment mechanism for
the flush button with what looks like 2 ratchet-like bars either side
of the valve assembly. The notches correspond roughly to the height
amount it would need to move upwards so that the button would be
properly secure again, thus leading me to think that it can be
The question though, is how do I move it up one notch - what do I have
to do ?
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Neil Barker

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