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You can make one up using the MK gridswitch system. Use the 3 modules in a double width box mouting frame and facia. Won't be cheap, but MK are known for their high quality dimmers.
Just typed the parts into a CPC order form...
PL00673 1 K4501WHI GRID PLUS DIMMER SWITCH £33.00 PL00653 2 K4882WHI GRID PLUS SWITCH MODULE - 2 WAY £2.68 x 2 PL00639 1 K3633WHI GRID PLUS - 2 GANG/3 WAY PLATE £2.60 PL00646 1 K3703 GRID PLUS - 3 WAY PLATE £1.63
CPC also do a grid system by RPP which gets 3 modules into a single width box. I have them in my living room, and I had to replace the switches after about 5 years as they fell apart (and they're only switching 12V 1mA signal wires in my case).
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Andrew Gabriel
Slightly bigger, but MK (inter alia) do a 'double' surface box that is exactly that - takes two single switch plates. On can be a dimmer, other can be a double switch. Neater than two single switches but may not meet your requirement.
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Bob Eager
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How has your reliability of switching been with the low current and voltage on mains rated switches? I have been worried about oxidised contacts unless say a hundred mA or so was available to keep them clean at low voltage.
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That hasn't been an issue so far. Most of my switchs are MK ones which have also been fine -- just that MK don't offer a 3-module grid in a single plate size.
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Andrew Gabriel
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I'm not surprised. The beauty of a grid system is the variety of modules offered - and I doubt you could offer the same range if you restricted the width to where 3 would fit on a single gang plate. Especially with dimmers.
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Dave Plowman (News)
Swap two of the dimmer modules out of a 3-gang dimmer with a switch- only module:
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course you'll end up with two spare dimmer modules but these are handy things to have as spares anyway.
I would suggest ensuring the dimmers are the push on/off type in order to make all switches function in the same fashion.
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Mathew Newton

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