Double glazed panels

Can you buy custom double glazed panels where one edge is a curve? My
local place says no. It would be to fit to a Victorian sash. Other similar
houses in this street have had the original sash windows which had curved
tops replaced with new double glazing complete units which have straight
tops - making them look even worse than replacement windows normally do.
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Dave Plowman (News)
You mean an arched top glass unit? Then yes, easily possible. The place I get mine from (in Leicester) supply any shape and size you require. For some of the ones I do, I just take a cardboard template to them, and they have never failed me yet. Alan.
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Well, I've seen it done on Grand Designs, usually in combination with phrases like "specialist supplier", "long delay" and "very expensive". :o)
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As the other replies say - easy. I've take a hardboard templates to 2 different glaziers and had them make up curved-edge units. Something like a 20% surcharge above the cost of the bounding rectangle.
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Oooh yes. You're thinking of the curved house in Clapham. The one built around the chestnut tree. The whole glass was curved there and yes, I seem to remember they did say it was expensive. If I understand correctly, what Dave wants is flat glass but with a curved top, not a curved panel so should be a 'little' cheaper.
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Andrew May
The difference between the two is huge. Cutting a piece of glass (or two) to a curve can be done by most dg manufacturers. Making two pieces of curved glass, with different radii of curvature, then making a sealed unit out of them, strikes me as a fairly tricky procedure.
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I take it you are going to be fiiting this unit toa timber frame? Timber just needs a good joiner, plastic might be harder to do with the fill in pieces required. Curved top plastic windows really have square glass with the curved bit of trim stuck on...
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Dave Liquorice
So the sealed unit will need to be curved.
Agreed, no option for our only curved top window (used to be a barn door) the stone work is curved. When we enquired about plastic double glazing for that position it didn't pose much of a problem. The sealed units and frame will have to curved on something like a 6' radius.
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Dave Liquorice

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