feckin' windows 10

anybody just had an update and now their mouse has stopped
working?.....did this not happen before?...fecked up a load of
drivers?.....hate bloody computers...
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Jim GM4 DHJ ...
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I once had something similar (not a W10 update). The mouse was cordless and the dongle was in an additional USB port rather than the main one. It turned out the additional port was not recognised at the start and moving it to the 'main' port instead resolved the problem.
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This is the update with all the improvements and plugs the millions of security leaks.
The last time MS did a major update on my machine it was unusable for around an hour with update processes working in the background.
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It's bound to have done.
Did it?
No, like anything, they are generally easy if you know what you are doing.
HTH (as much as most of your replies do). ;-)
Cheers, T i m
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T i m
No, the thing Jim is seeing, has happened before. Many releases of Windows 10 have had the problem.
I've had different mice on the Test Machine and the serial (RS232) mouse always worked. Occasionally one or both USB mice would disappear.
This used to be traceable, to leaving your "allow Windows Update to mess up your drivers" tick box. If stuff like that is unticked, there's less trouble afoot.
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But I don't have a particularly magical method of restoring mouse. Not a "surgical" method. The mouse is broken, and not everyone has an extra mouse to plug in and try and tip things upright.
Jim would not like the other methods I have in mind.
Summary: Multiple mice can be plugged into the computer. Each mouse can move the cursor for you. If you have multiple mice, you might well get lucky and have a working mouse again.
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You set your PC to remind you that updates are available and you choose to install them.
My Windows Update page says "Feature update to Win 10 release 2004, blah blah , click here to download and install"
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is the command to use to determine "version.patchlevel" .
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WINVER Year/Month
10240.xxx 1507 10586.xxx 1511 14393.xxx 1607 15063.xxx 1703 16299.xxx 1709 17134.xxx 1803 17763.xxx 1809 18362.xxx 1903 18363.xxx 1909 19041.xxx 2004
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Just had my first install of 2004 on an Acer laptop, which is now running like treacle. Installs paused on all other machines while I see if that recovers, or whether I need to do a roll-back.
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