Has anyone coma across plans for Climbing Frames anywhere?

I'm thinking of building a climbing frame for our grandson and, while
we can probably come up with some reasonable ideas, some sort of plan
and recommendations for materials etc. would be useful.
Has anyone seen anything like this? It could be just a 'book with
ideas' or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, an actual kit (with,
maybe, buy your own wood).
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Chris Green
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I'm not sure about wood - splinters could be a problem. Ours is made of galvanised steel. It was bought for our eldest (born 1981) and it's been out in the garden all this time. I just examined it with a view to our grandson using it, and it looks okay.
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We have lots of space (9 acres altogether, but the grass around the house is 1/2 acre or so), so probably what many people would call large. Age range, he's going to be 4 soon, so 4 on until .....
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Chris Green

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