how much should I be charging for these shared appliances..

On Monday, September 14, 2015 at 2:56:36 AM UTC-4, micky wrote:

That's what I would think is reasonable too. But, you can't do it with a simple Killawatt either, it's very likely 240V and it's surely hard wired in. Plus, it's a multifamily building, in which case I don't think you can legally do your own electric work either, especially with the hostile neighbor. Also, we don't know if the OP is even capable of doing the work himself anyway. So, it could cost quite a bit to get this done by an electrician and probably just as much to do it temporarily as permanent.
Note how much electicity is now per KwH,

In which case it gets more complicated to rewire to a power meter and more costly.

Unlikely he's going to use a Killawatt on the pump.
Most people

He also said he waters the lawn 2 or 3 times every day. I'm thinking that might have lead her to wonder what's going on, what it's costing, etc. Would be interesting to know if that subject ever came up.

Adding the salt, buying it, hauling it home, are one reason why $50 a month doesn't sound high to me anymore. I hadn't factored that in. Also, $50 is perfectly reasonable if the neighbor has no shared responsibility for repair, replacement costs. The pump could fail tomorrow and the OP could have a $1000 expense. If all that's on the OP, $50 is more than reasonable. Also, who paid for this well to begin with?

That's for sure, it's zero in summer.

What that's using is negligible. It's just a wallwart. Who pays to blow the sprinkler system out each Fall, who pays for repairs to it or who does that stuff themselves instead of paying someone, would be more important.

She had nationally agreed with hand shake when

Some here claim she agreed to a contract with the OP and she's stuck forever, a court would force her to keep paying the $50, etc. I say from what I've heard so far, no time period was ever specified, so the contract was good as long as each party was OK with it. It's kind of like a guy coming to your house selling bottled water and you verbally agree to take 10 gallons a week from him for $10. Does that mean you're contractually bound forever? Of course not.

And who pays for the cost of installing all the necessary metering? I'd only do it if she agrees to split the cost and also agrees to split the cost of repairs to the various components, not just the operating cost.

As I see it, she would have overpaid only if she was sending him more than the $50 a month. That was the agreed on amount. There was no agreement or requirement to accurately split the cost. He offered her water at $50 a month, she accepted. How about if he finds out that it's actually costing him more than $100 and he wants her to now pay him the difference for each month retroactively? And if the agreement never included the shared cost of the well to begin with, repairs on it, repairs on the sprinkler system, water softner maintenance, etc, then she has absolutely zero reason to even claim that $50 is unreasonable.

A second well would be the best solution for the OP if it's determined the lady who doesn't want to pay is the one who has to pay for it.

Without the condo master deed, the bylaws and knowing the whole history of how this came to be, it's not clear who would have to pay for what.
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