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TLA's and other Confusing Terms.
What is a TLA? Three letter acronym. Think IBM, ATT, NBI... ( actually NBI does not stand for anything anymore, but it used to .. ) Please contact me with any others you know to add to the list! I would love to add to this as time goes on.
ABM - Automatic Bread Machine
ADMIN - a relatively important message from your list moderators
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
B1G1F/BOFOF - Buy One Get One Free. Store promotional usually.
BIL - Brother-In-Law
<BG> - big grin
BTDT - Been There, Done That
BTW - By the Way
C/P or CP - Crockpot (a trademark of Rival) or any other type of slow cooker
CTR - Choose the Right
DCP - Day Care Provider
DD - Dear Daughter
DS - Dear Son
DH - Dear Husband (Darling, Dead, Doofus, it all depends on the context of the rest of the email.)
DW - Dear Wife
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FHTS - Fit Hits the Shan (see SHTF)
FIL - Father-In-Law
Flame - An angry message directed at another person or people.
FUBAR - F***ed Up Beyond All Repair
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FYI - For Your Information
IMBY = In My BackYard
ISO - In Search Of
<G> - Grin
GMTA = Great Minds think Alike
HTH - Hope This Helps
HS - Homeschool
JBT - Jack Booted Thugs (sometimes called LEO, slang for the ones that are not nice to deal with and take their job of protecting us into the extreme of becoming dictators.)
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
IMHO - In My Humble (or Honest) Opinion
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble (or Honest) Opinion
LDS - Latter Day Saints. Used in Reference to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
LOL - Laughing out loud.
MC - Master Cook ~ Master Cook is recipe management software program by Sierra.
MIL - Mother-In-Law
MZB - Mutant Zombie Biker... Those who would come and take your hard earned food storage, and other items. Any invader who means to do you bodily or property harm. They usually wear black leather, sometimes sport body piercings, and mohawks... other times they wear suits and ties... another name for lawyers at times.
NAYY - Not Associated, Yadda, Yadda (a disclaimer)
NBI = National Business Institute
NIMBY = Not In My BackYard
OAMC - Once a month cooking ~ the term comes from the book "Once A Month Cooking" by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg
OT - off topic.
OTOH - On the Other Hand
REC - The post includes a recipe
RKBA - Right to Keep and Bear Arms
ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My AS* Off (also ROFLMBO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Butt Off)
SAHM - Stay at Home Mom
SAHD - Stay at Home Dad
SAHH - Stay at Home Husband
SAHW - Stay at Home Wife
SHTF - S**t Hits the Fan
SIL - Sister-In-Law
SNAFU - Situation Normal, All F***ed Up
SO - Significant Other
Spam - Bulk email or Usenet posts that are massively crossposted or multi-posted. Some people call any out-of-place commercial post or email "spam."
TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TEOTWAWKI - The end of the world as we know it
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TNT - Tried and True
TPTB - The Powers That Be
Troll - An insincere message, posted in hopes of upsetting people, inciting arguments, and stirring up trouble.
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TVP/TSP - Textured Vegetable Protein/Texturized Soy Protein
TY - Thank You
Vent - A message to let off steam.
<VBG> - very big grin
WAHM - Work At Home Mom
WAHD - Work At Home Dad
WAHW - Work At Home Wife
WAHH - Work At Home Husband
<WEG> wicked evil grin
WW - Weight Watchers. "Points" on many recipes refer to the number of Weight Watcher points on the recipe, per serving. These relate to the WW 1, 2, 3, success program.
WWJD - What Would Jesus Do
XP - Cross post
XPOST - Cross post. Posted to more than one mailing list or newsgroup at a time
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary (i.e. every family is different and what worked for me may not work for you)
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TPT - Top Posting Troll
On 4/3/2012 3:46 AM, Stormin Mormon wrote:

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In the retail trade, it's usually referred to as "BOGO" (Buy One, Get One...).
Some retailers don't like the term "free", so the "Get One" part is often left vague and open for interpretation.

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