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We had a surprise heavy rain that lasted about 15 minutes after sunset last night so my rain barrels are full again and the grass areas well wetted. Hope you were also lucky.
Stay young, OldAck
DP><grex> Here in Eastern Massachusetts, even some of my weeds are wilting. DP>I raise clouds of dust walking in some areas. I've had to spend so much DP>time moving water that the weeding has been neglected and some crops DP>have completely disappeared under 4' high stuff.</grex>DP>THURSTON ACKERMAN wrote: DP>> FamilyNet Newsgate DP>> DP>> Here in Eastern Massachsuetts, after some heavy rains DP>> in early June, we have had a mini dought with less DP>> appreciatalbe rains than normal... DP>--- NewsGate v1.0 gamma 2 DP> * Origin: FamilyNet Newsgate telnet://www.family-bbs.net (8:8/2003)
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