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I had some very good results with some Rutgers Select I saved the seeds from those we ate last year; spread them out on wax paper untill well dried. Then I seperated any remaining meat from them and stored in an evvelope in the refrigerator in case they wanted to think winter had occurred as some plants do.
I got an abundance of seedings this spring that have produced very mature plantings (especially in some tubs first time for me, that about 50% ahead of their mates in the garden yet).
I think you can do just as well if you try it Bill.
Stay young, OldAck
BI>Never before have I tried growing a tomatos plants from seeds.BI>If I take the seeds from a tomato, do I dry them for BI>how long...then what? ( Then I become a tomato farmer...with two or BI>three plants.)
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