Tomatoes aren't ripening

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If you are here in eastern Massachusetts, you are not alone. I just got my first pickable this week. Normally I would be picking some from planting set in Paul Revere Day by 4th July
Most of us here abouts are later thab usual due to the cloudy rainy period this spring,
Stay young, OldAck
MS>in 5 gallon pots - one plant per pot. It seems to me that they should MS>have ripened already.MS>The plant with the most tomatoes is the Patio one. I saw the first MS>tomato on it about a month ago. I planted the plant about 7 weeks ago MS>but I had bought it at a nursery after it already started growing. MS>There are several tomatoes on it but they're all green still. Today, a MS>little tomato fell off while I was trying to fix it after some vines MS>started drooping after some heavy rains the other day.MS>The other two plants are Big Boy and Better Boy. Neither of them are MS>doing much. They each have about two small tomatoes on them. They're MS>about the size of two cherry tomatoes (I think). I bought and planted MS>them the same time as the Patio one.MS>The weather around here has been a bit unsettled. First we were in a MS>drought, now we've had a lot of rain and some areas have had flooding. MS>The temp. has been mostly in the 80s and lower 90s. The past few nights MS>have been cool though. One week, there was lots of rain and little MS>sunshine. Somewhat unusual summer weather for around here.MS>The plants are in pots that are sitting on wood blocks above the MS>ground. They have holes in the bottom for drainage and have been MS>mulched. The leaves develop yellowish spots on them and sometimes get MS>dried out and crumble. They get some liquid plant food once a week. MS>About 2 quarts between the three of them. It's hard for me to know when MS>to water them with this weather. Maybe they've been getting too much MS>water and not enough sunshine. Or maybe they've been getting too much MS>nitrogen and not enough calcium. I don't know. I'm fairly certain they MS>don't have any diseases or pests.MS>Any ideas?MS>--- NewsGate v1.0 gamma 2 MS> * Origin: (8:8/2003)
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