Tomatoes aren't ripening

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CR> I have a lot of tomatoes on my plants but they are not ripening at CR>all, CR> The plants are about 5 to 6' tall now and get full sun all day long. CR>The days have been hot and dry all summer and I have watered on a very CR>even schedule. The nights have been warmer then normal all summer as CR>well, between 63 and 73.CR> They were all planted about Memorial Day.CR> I have never had this happen before, it seems that some would be CR>starting to turn red by now.CR> Maybe I am just being impatient. CR> The cherry tomatoes are ripening fine though, these are the big boy CR>type that aren't ripening.CR> Should I just be more patient or is there something else I should be CR>doing.
And/or count your blessings !=) (Here in north-eastern New England, pur relatively cool-wet spring and early summer has resulted in very dissappointing yields. I am only recently producing any fruit; and most of it has been in 5 gallen pail plantinga, Row gardening plantings with simmialar sun and nutrician have produced little to none fruit 8-(
Stay young, OldAck
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