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JM>One of my tomato plants is looking especially productive. I want to try JM>to grow another from its seeds. Yet I have no idea how to save them. JM>Can I just dry them in the sun? What will damage them?
I am having some very good results from some Rutgers Select seeds I saved from last years fruit (dispite not much spring and a early hot muggy summer for us here in eastern New England)
I spread the seeds on paper in the shade of our back porch until dry enough to remove from any fruit meat. When fully dried I put them in an envelope in an open glass in the refrigerater to mock wintering.
I have had considerable success planting the seeds in potting soil in small plastic drinking containers with small drain holes in the bottoms until planting in outside garden which gets about 5 hours sunlight per day, when there were at least two real leaf branchings on each stalk. Used miracle-gro fertilizer every couple of weeks and will add about a tablespoon of epson salts per gallon of water when blossoms develope, to help them set fruit.
Good gardening
Ciao, Ack.
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