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I also went to school in New England and had to make up my poor spelling one school year by learning 25 new words each summer vacation day properly before I could go out to play (and not repeat that school year 8-(
As I recall it is proper to add the "e" to patato (and tomato) when one adds an "s" to write the plural form. So if one is going to have some tomato sauce on ones potatoes, one is quite correct.
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BE>potato was acceptable. I never understood why the fuss over Quayles BE>spelling.. BE>I think it is where "you" went to school that changes things.
BE> BE>>> I have six 25' rows of potatoes in the garden this year. I've grown them BE>>> for BE>>> many years now but this year has presented an unusual potato situation. BE>>> BE>>> As a background, we live in Maryland, U.S.A., about 25 miles northeast of BE>>> Baltimore. We till a bit of horse and sheep manure into the garden every BE>>> Fall so that it has a chance to rot and compost before planting season. BE>>> During the Winter, we scatter the ashes from the wood stove on the garden BE>>> area. In the Spring, we till the garden several times to get all of the BE>>> additives properly spread. BE>>> BE>>> This year, some of the potatoes aren't doing so well and the bad ones are BE>>> in BE>>> a strange geometric pattern. The bad potato plants are about a third the BE>>> size of the good ones, although all were planted on the same afternoon. BE>>> Let BE>>> O be a good potato plant and * be a stunted one. The pattern is something BE>>> like: BE>>> BE>>> O O O O O O O O BE>>> O O O O O O O O BE>>> * * * * O O O O BE>>> * * * * O O O O (LAWN) BE>>> * * * * O O O O BE>>> * * * * O O O O BE>>> BE>>> The garden plants on all three sides of the potato section are doing BE>>> well; BE>>> to the right of the potato section is the lawn. BE>>> BE>>> We have several varieties of potatoes, each variety being found in both BE>>> the BE>>> stunted and normal section, so it's not a varietal problem. Spacing BE>>> between BE>>> the plants and between the rows is the same in all areas. BE>>> BE>>> There doesn't seem to be any reason why the soil in the bad-plant area BE>>> would BE>>> be different from the rest of the garden, given the spreading and mixing BE>>> that's done in both the Fall and the Spring. Should be the same pH and BE>>> nutrient mix. BE>>> BE>>> They all get equal amounts of water and drainage should be the same BE>>> throughout the garden. BE>>> BE>>> Very puzzling; any ideas will be appreciated. BE>>> BE>>> BE>>> Paul BE>>> BE>>> BE>> BE>>
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