Woodstock ontario land of criminal police and crown

My name is Peter Tarbat.
I was charged by the Oxford Police, Sgt E Taylor with 11 false charges including rape and forcible confinement. The problem is these charges go back 18 years and these charges came forward days after I reported my Ex-mother in law to the CAS for an incident involving her and my son. As soon as I received bail Mike Carnegie was willing to drop all but three charges. After 1 year and thousands of dollars out of my pocket, Mike decided to drop one more charge and even allowed me to change the date of the uttering a threat charge. I was innocent of all charges, but had no choice but to plead guilty to something I did not do. There is a long history of harassment on the part of the Oxford crown and police against me. Including appealing an earlier charge. The problem was Crown Mary Mahas over a seven mouth period refused to give my lawyer any info, she would not answer any registered letters or answer our phone calls. The day of the appeal there was no new evidence. I won, cost to me 4500.00; I would call that harassment of the worst kind. Crown lawyer Mike Carnegie did not drop the rape charge against me, he stayed them, meaning I was not found innocent. I want my day in court to prove that this is a complete frame job on Oxfords part. I have had my children stolen from me. When I get to see them again I do not want this hanging over my head. If the crown believes these charges were good enough to bring me up on charges, I am begging them to do it again. Mike Carnegie while talking to my lawyer, after interviewing Sgt E Taylor said this has more to do with the cop then it does with the complainant. In my experience the Oxford police and Crown use these extra charges to beat you into pleading guilty on lesser charges. Well I want my day in court to prove I am innocent of all charges and that the Oxford authorities are out of control. There is much more to this story. Please call your MP and forward this email to help stop these people from doing this to more innocent people. Peter Tarbat 705-812-1505 snipped-for-privacy@msn.com Oxford County Ministry of the Attorney General Court House 415 Hunter Street Woodstock, ON N4S 4G6 Tel: (519) 537-2611 Fax: (519) 539-1060 Email: snipped-for-privacy@jus.gov.on.ca 615 Dundas St. Woodstock, Ontario, Canada snipped-for-privacy@oxfordcommunitypolice.on N4S 1E1
Telephone - (519) 421-2800 Fax - (519) 421-2818
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