Style Wood ????

G'day all, Dropped into the local Bunnings the other day to pick up a stick of 90 x19 dsd pine and came across a label on the timber "STYLE WOOD". Well I reckoned if there was "Style Wood", there must be "Muntin and Rail Wood" but no such luck. Next thought was it came from a Style tree. Nope wrong again.
I wonder what marketing dill came up this idea. Calling standard Radiata Pine "Style Wood" and more to the point I wonder how many DIY's will purchase the timber because it is called "Style Wood". Makes you wonder. Perhaps the next ploy will be to paint the timber in designer colours so it resembles sports shoes and clothes.
Anyhow I've had my little tongue in cheek whinge :)
Buy the way on the label in small print it had "Premium Radiata Pine". Shit it looked just like any other Bunnings crap where you have to look through a bloody huge stack just to get a piece of timber without bows, checks, warps, knot holes etc..
Gave me a bit of a chuckle and brightened up my day.
regards John
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