OT More Sharpening

My electric shaver was getting dull and grabby. In years past I bought a tube of sharpener at a small appliance repair store, but it was lost in the great flood. I do have a cake of "bobbing compound" for buffing metal. It is coarser than rouge. I cut off a chunk, put it in a glass mortar and pestle and ground it up. At first I was going to suspend it in light oil, but decided to use glycerin so it would wash off with water.     I mixed it about as thick as hand lotion and put it in a small squeeze bottle. A drop on each shaver head and running it about 15 seconds did wonders. I washed it off and lightly oiled the heads.     I have a cheap hedge trimmer that is put together with rivets and it got dull. I applied the sharpening stuff along the touching surfaces and ran it about a minute, again with good results. Much quicker than using a file or dremel tool.     Honing powder would also be a good start for making the sharpening suspension.
GW Ross

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