How to Remove Nails from Senco FinishPro-35 Nailer?

I am using my new Senco FinishPro-35 Finish Nailer. I want to change
the nails in the nailer. But I cannot figure out how to remove the
nails from the clip. According to the instruction manual, removing
the nails is as simply as "Release the feeder shoe and slide it
forward. Remove fasteners from the tool." But I don't know how to
release the feeder shoe. The instruction manual doesn't say how, and
I cannot figure this out by playing with the feeder shoe (the one that
has a thin metal coil attached to it, and the one that push the nails
Any idea?
Thanks in advance for any info.
Jay Chan
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Jay Chan
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If its the same as the 41XP, then you just push down on the bottom of the feeder shoe, and it should flip the feeder mechanism upward over the nails and then let it slide back up to the top. With that out of the way, slide your nails down and out the bottom.
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The feeder shoe has a hole roughly the size of your thumb. Pull the shoe slightly towards the rear of the gun to remove the tension on the nail strip. Then insert your finger into this hole and press gently. It will cause a flat metal tab (which normally pushes the nail strip forward) to bend slightly proud of the nail strip. Now the feeder shoe should be able to slide forward. After that, simply slide the nail strip out the rear.
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Thanks for the tips! I thought the hole is only used as a way to pull the feeder-shoe downward, I didn't know that it also serves as a way to release the feeder shoe. I could not be possible to figure this out without your help.
Jay Chan
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Jay Chan

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