Shower disassembly

Our seven year old built-in shower has been dripping recently. Google
suggested it needs new seals or a cartridge so I started to strip it down.
Removed the temperature knob, circlips and the flow control handle but I'm
now at a point where I can't see anything obvious to undo next.
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I did one on Saturday. The link to 'showerdoc' is in the other reply to you, if you can find the exact maker/model, then the exploded diagram may help. It looks like yours is knackered. The one I took apart on Sat. looked very similar, I got 2 circlips out, then had to force out the body, it wouldnt budge, probably because of the accumulated corrosion and limescale making the fitting too tight to get out of the body. I thought it may need unscrewing, so put the hot/cold screw tap back on, then promptly broke the brass knob, so in the bin it went. I'm not too sure it could be cleaned up anyway, as it was corroded so much, with a lot of limescale build up on the exposed internal parts. The plumbers merchant seemed to think new parts are very hard to come by for older showers - he said (rightly IMO) that it was far easier to buy a new shower mixer and fit that, especially for a fitter, rather than DIY repairs.
For a new one I had to go to the local plumbers, and got one for £90 (ouch!), but on viewing ebay later, there are quite a few available at less than £50 if you can wait a few days for delivery. Screwfix also do 3 or 4 at less than £60. Alan.
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George at Showedoc has been extremely helpful to me on his forum - looks like the builder has tiled in place a cowl that needs to be removed to access the cartridge :-(
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