Problem with electric hob

People here were really helpful when I posted about a kitchen re-fit last
month and I'm hoping someone can help me again.
In a flat I let out, I have a two-ring Zanussi hob which you can see here
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is fitted into a work-top with a fridge below it. My tenant emailed me
today saying "...tonight as I was cooking I noticed a strong smell and
smoke coming out from between the fridge roof and the base of the hob.
When I looked I found that the top of the fridge has actually started to
melt from the heat that comes from the hob when they are switched on. Both
the hob and the fridge are still working so there is no big damage as
I assume the hob, which was fitted in June, may have developed a fault,
but if not would anyone know if there is something I can put on the top of
the fridge to alleviate the problem - or anything else I could do. There
is very little room above the fridge.
Many thanks in advance,
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Ian F.
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But how much room?
Looking at page 8 of the PDF file of the manual at:
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, it says that the base of the unit "can be hot when in operation" and indicates that if there's a kitchen unit underneath, then a minimum gap of 20mm is required... it doesn't say what gap's needed for a fridge beneath, but it's a lot bigger than that for an oven, and as a fridge belts out a fair amount of heat I would have thought 20mm was likely to be inadequate.
So my best guess is that the installation is bad, and the smoke started only when the hob was on for a long period of time?
If so I think trying to circumvent the depth limitation by interposing something between the two is a non-starter - the kitchen design needs a rethink.
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You don't seem to have considered that the fridge insulation may already have been permanently damaged internally by the heat. Which visible bit is melting?
Now that asbestos board is out of consideration, most good heat insulation materials are quite expensive. Even they would only slow the rate of transmission, and could even further compromise the required clearance and ventilation under the hob.
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Chris J Dixon
I'm going up to the flat to have a look at it this morning - the tenant only told me about it last night.
Point taken, Chris. Thank you.
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Ian F.
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It is fitted into a work-top with a fridge below it. My tenant emailed me
Slowing the rate of transmission would reduce the farside temperature. Which is what is required.
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The Natural Philosopher
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exactly. The fridge will need air movement, but that could be provided by having a gap at the sides. Not ideal, but should be adequate. One thing to watch for is the temp rating of whatever insulation you use, forget anything plastic based.
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Thanks NT and Chris - I'm sure something will work one way or the other!
As always, solid helpful advice from everyone. Thank you all.
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Ian F.

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