Shed Roof Felt

After about 30 years the shed roof needs re-felting - one side has slipped
due to the wind and sun.
Originally it was nailed with galvanised nails. Where it was nailed it has
now torn.
Is there a better way using glue nowadays?
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There are several options... the traditional three layer felt would use a nail prep layer (a hessian re-enforced felt) random nailed, and then underlay and top felt layers hot bonded with tar or glued to that.
My personal preference is using torch on felt (usually a modified / rubberised bitumen style like SBS felt). Just two layers - a 2mm underlay, and then a 4mm mineral finish top coat. Sticks like the proverbial to a blanket, and very quick and easy to apply so long as you have or can borrow a decent sized blow torch.
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John Rumm
What do you do with the bitumen paint on an old felted shed roof? Paint over the felt? Use it to stick joins or seal nails? prime?
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In article ,
Would you expect that to last 30 years? Mine was made like that and has needed a few repairs - apparently were the adhesion had failed.
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Dave Plowman (News)
I have not had any indication of loss of adhesion with the torch on stuff I have used so far. So I would expect it to last toward the upper end of what you can expect from felt in general. However none of the jobs I have done with it are 30 years old yet, so I can't say for certain from personal experience.
If looking for maximum life, then two layers of undercoat would probably help.
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John Rumm
It's irrelevant if the cowboy that did it has long since fucked off.
(I'm a bit bitter, as I'm fixing the new roof I splashed £7K on 4 years ago, and just discovered the ****ers didn't even put piece of wood along the apex to screw the ridge tiles down. The screws are just held into the plastic spacer ...)
I would have been better off spending the money on psychotherapy to deal with my fear of heights - which is no joke. Hence my being on the roof today.
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