shed roof

I have an eight by eight foot concrete pad attached to my one story workshop
that I would like to add a shed roof (open) to. Would prefer to use steel
roofing over a plywood over lay. Has anyone attempted this and how
difficult? I am not a novice with hand or power tools. Secondly, how does
one cut 14g steel roofing that is ribbed?
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Probably within your capability. Cut the metal with a circular saw and a metal cutting blade but a pair of good tin snips will do it too. Be aware that you will need a substantial framework with the entire system solidly anchored to the concrete. Otherwise wind will lift and destroy it. The plywood should be supported by rafters spaced 16-24 inches apart. You will also need roll roofing or a similiar waterproofing between the metal and the plywood. Condensation will form on the underside of the metal and will quickly rot the wood otherwise. You could use open framework under the metal so the water can dry but the plywood traps the water.
Don Young
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Don Young
I do'nt know what the gauge is but I have access to a pile of unused VP sidesteel(good stuff) that I used My Craftsman red handled snips to cut both end cuts and rips on 25 sheets or-so,,now that was a real bitchkitty..We used to cut it on the jobsite with a nibbler head on a drill = 1 sheet or an abrasive wheel on a quickie saw = multiple sheets. The quickie saw leaves super sharp edge so watch it.. The nibbler should work well for end cutting up n over roofsteel ribs,,lots easier than the VP sidesteel..Where You can have problems is trying to rip a sheet very near or on a rib..I bet a lumberyard would demonstrate on some scrap for You. They might even precut the lengths on 3 sheets and You can rip the last one with a good snips. Why plywood instead of purlons? If any moisture gets trapped between the ply and steel it'll rust quick *and* ruin the ply. If You're thinking strength just put the purlons at 16" spacing instead of 2'..Easier to spot leaks that way too. Dean Dean
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Moxie Just use tin snips. Don't use ply, previous poster is spot on about condensation etc. Keep it simple, all steel if possible.
Cutting across a sheet, if you are right handed use red handled snips, right foot on sheet and start cut, pull up like hell with left hand, almost to the point of ripping sheet and snip away, keep pulling up and away as you cut. Easy.
Cut along sheet, most time with corrugated you don't have to, just lap the excess under, double up in other words. If it has to be cut, scribe/score along length with sharp point, chisel etc. fold, bend a few times and it will snap.
If you use a saw GET RID of all swarf and grit on roof surface.
Check out
formatting link
of info on steel roof fixing.
Regards Bill
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