Shed roof

The recents winds stripped part of my shed roof of its felt.
As a fairly new DIYer I have patched it for now as I think more work than
just felting may be required.
The shed is two 8 x 6 sheds knoocked through to make one long shed. (My son
needed this to store surfboards)
However, when I removed the torn felt, the wooden planks making up the roof
are no longer flat, in fact there are big dips anf twists which makes it
hard to felt.
No siure about this but I thought of taking this old wood roof off and
putting on say wooden sheets and felting on to them to get a neat job.
So I guess I will need four 8 foot by 2 foot sheets
If it is to be felted, then what wooden sheets would I need and what
Also I need to nail nito it with the fe3lt nails so maybe not too tough.
lastly, when I felt, what felt would you recommend, seen so many on sale and
would it be better to also stick it down with the bitumen type paint.
Thanks in advance for your help
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Sorry to post on the wrong group. I am with Nildram ISP and I have checked for that newsgroup, but it does not appear to be one that the have. Thank you anyway
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Why? I've managed to get diy answers here and answered a few myself. Is that a problem?
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Probably though I guess anything that fits will be ok.
Dunno really. Thicker than the nails. Chipboard will probably do or ply or real wood.
I'm not too sure about the differences myself either. The bitumen roof felt glue is a good idea and someone here said not to use nails with it but personally I prefer the belt and braces approach so I'd use battens running up and down the roof (not horizontally for obvious reasons).
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Definitely yes. Don't nail it down with battens. Put the glue on in strips up and down the roof - not across - and you won't have any problems and you won't have punctured the felt with nails.
Rob Graham
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Rob graham

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