recommend a carpet cleaner/shampoo

Can anyone recommend a carpet cleaner.
Have a puppy dog, 95% of toilet is done outdoors, indoors is on paper pads.
Although spot cleaning is currently done I would like to shampoo / clean
carpets Once the puppy manages 100% toilet outdoors.
I do have a kirby vacuum with shampoo attachment but awkward to set up
and use so looking for something that will do a decent job and easy to use.
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There's always One Thousand And One...
It cleans a big, big carpet, for less than... £5.55.
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We use a George (which we've had for years) and 1001 in bottles from CPC.
George can be converted to work as a vacuum cleaner, but it's a bit clunky so we have Hnry for that.
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Bob Eager
The main things to go for are pressurised cleaning solution delivery and brushes that move in more than one direction. Extraction power has some effect on cleaning power too, but not as much as the first 2. Things like the machine mixing solution for you are pointless, and bladder setups die after a while. Stay right away from machines without powered brushes, they're as much use as a broom and a vac.
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