carpet cleaner ????

I am looking for input regarding carpet (steamer) cleaners, could go as
hi as $500.00.
Things I already know
need a heater
larger volume.
thank you
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For that much, consider laminate flooring and never shampoo again. Laminate has other advantages:
* Doesn't absorb smells * Won't stain * Will not show wear * Easy to clean
You can accent the floor with throw rugs, which also insulate bare feet from the cold. Acceptable laminate flooring can be had for as little as fifty cents per square foot.
If you decide to experiment with laminate, check back here for useful tips.
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jimmy wrote the following:
Are you looking for a commercial cleaner or one for the home? My wife swears by (not at) her Hoover Steam Vac. Less than $140.
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You'd be about 3 weeks removing all that detergent with an extractor.
Extractors are intended to be used with carpet cleaning emulsion; not soap, not detergent.
$500 will buy a carpet cleaning toy.
You ought to consider shutting the fuck up about things of which you know nothing. -----
- gpsman
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2 much.
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Not soap.
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You had money.
Compared to what...?
Admittedly, only the 4 things widely considered most worthless on Usenet; education, training, experience, and a Google.
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gpsman writes:
Not sure I ever saw such a lucid explanation of the mechanics of soap before.
I use one of those Hoover units and of course the recommended cleaners. The results are at least as good as what I used to get from professionals.
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