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five to 10 years ago: we bought a hoover and a bissell each around $120 price tag, and the gallon or so of dirty extraction doesn't seem to be enough to satisfy any family member to want to use either one more than 6 times per user. the urge will be to dream about getting out a garden hose or a pump up sprayer and a long hosed shop vac with a drain at the bottom. but you can't let the padding or wood floor get that wet or odors and damage will occur. if this a basement mildew job you must remove/bleach/replace with new carpeting. if this is a newer carpet compare commercial cleaning costs and speedy visits. if this a worn out carpet do the math on replacement.
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I have the new hoover which include an option to jujst use plain water to rinse. The "shampoo" is in a seperate bottle so you can shampoo rinse and just use suction. It works well. 150.00 or so
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rug doctor is also now selling their cleaner 729.00 is way too steep for me!
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I have the widepath model of the hoover with the auto rinse feature. Seems to work well. We have used it a ton and so far it has been reliable. THe extra wide model like we have is a good idea. In an emergency (at a different location) we rented a rug doctor unit. It was skinny and took forever to do the job though it did a good job. Both do better than the commercial guys that do your whole house in 90 minutes. How can that be thorough? It can't.
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Except that the commercial guys use a very power truck mounted system that has significantly more suction than the personal units.
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