wrong carpet cleaner

I was cleaning my carpet this evening and I asked my husband to refill the
resevoir with water and cleaning solution. He informed me that what I had
used was for bare floors and I had already used it on over half of my
living room carpet. I had no idea that when we bought our carpet cleaner
that it came with a bottle of bare floor cleaner as well as carpet
cleaner. What's gonna happen to my carpet now?
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The makers of cleaners do a good job of packaging the same handful of cleaning ingredients into hundreds of different bottles and then convincing people that you have to use very task-specific agents, but most of it is hoo-ha. I doubt that there is very much difference at all between your bare floor cleaner and your carpet cleaning solution. If you're concerned, go over it with some extra clear hot water to give it a good rinsing.

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Rick Brandt
I agree . The labels on the cleaner may list the ingredients , they are probably very similar.
The hard surface cleaner may have some sort of polish added.
I would have gone over the carpet again with the right cleaner.
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Most likely, nothing. Fill the carpet cleaning machine with cool clear water and rinse until the soap is gone.
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