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The kids are good. I remember the first time I saw serious ping pong players. They were bouncing the balls of the table but they were covering almost as much ground as a tennis player. The only limit seemed to be the size of the room.
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I often wonder why its not called pong ping. I guess it depends who starts. As for ad blockers. Surely in this day and age somebody could come up with one that is not detectable by the web site?All it needs to do is pretend to be downloading and displaying the data, but instead kind of putting it on an invisible page which you could switch to if you were interested in the adverts. Half the problem with them is that they get in the way, and disturb what is otherwise a good and accessible site. Brian
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Brian Gaff (Sofa 2)
The Youtube adblocker works perfectly. The standard adblocker for all websites can get detected, and I agree it must be easy to make it undetectable. I asked about this before and was given all sorts of technical ways it can be detected - like the web server actually taking a snapshot image of your browser's display of their page and comparing it to see if the images are there. Why this is allowed at all I don't know - it stinks of privacy problems. What if it managed to take a snapshot of your internet banking on another tab?

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Commander Kinsey

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