Its that Alley Gating thing again

I got onto the council yesterday to complain about the flaw in their alley
gate system,apparently you can get a screwdriver inbetween the frame and the
loc and get passed the locking mechanism.
The lock area has a v shaped elongated cutout and needs a plate weld over
this area.
This morning I went down to have a look at what they were proposing to
do,they said they have done it ie pop riveted a small plate over the area
with only two rivets. doh! where do the council train their monkeys?
If I hadn't of been there they would have left it like that,I got him to
weld it and you know what? he did with a couple of spot welds in the wrong
area for strenghtening.
doh! where do the council train their monkeys?
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On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 11:01:14 GMT, "George" wrote:
At least you've got alleygates. We'd love some. At least it'd give the yobs a different challenge.
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In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
That's the problem with employing monkeys rather than alleygaters. If you complain, they'll only shed crocodile tears.
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Roger Mills

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