Homes Under The Hammer

Has anyone watched this .Do you also get an urge to throw things at
the telly when you see those muppets that present it .I'm not sure who
I detest most ,him or her .I doubt either of them have any
qualifications in the property trade .
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Stuart B
Hah ! I've thought this about lots of property programmes, and the presenters have always turned out to be surprisingly qualified. Have a look for this programme on the BBC site, you may be surprised. The only exception to this is Jenny Powell on that "try before you buy" programme. What always annoys me is that the presenters are usually somehow millionaires (Kirsty Allsop etc). Chip on the old shoulder ? ;-) Simon.
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Exactly. These two are quite annoying though. They seem to be quite smug and they are quite orange in colour (it doesn't take much !) Simon.
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They are both very successful property developers.
I prefer Homes Under The Hammer since they don't have the budget to film lots of developments, and then show only those few ruined by idiots.
Jenny Powell was the winner of a TV Presenter talent search organised by none other than Jonathan King. Of course, given what happened to him some years later, she rarely mentions her presenting qualifications.
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Felicity S.

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